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And I'm gonna get a chance to play with collaging again too!  :)  Have a look see!
On the Way to Nickajack Lake
Kathy Martin/Copyright 2005                                          11/19/05

As we travel down the highway, passing Roadway Expresses and other truck messages
that say ‘we drive a fine line,’
the signs tell us to “Visit Breathtaking Ruby Falls.”
It’s a cloudy day with the sun slipping through every few miles.
Leaves are golden-green and brown
but mostly gray, with yellow and red surprises few and far between –
It’s the end of autumn.
On the way to Nickajack Lake.

The sign says Exit 127, 1 mile to Winchester, Altamont next exit, and 2 miles to Stuckey’s
Where you can get State gifts & Souvenirs
and apparently the best Divinity in town!
The I-24 Flea Market is open on Saturday and Sunday every weekend here
and you can get a room at the Regency Inn for only $22.98
As we pass all the cows lazing next to the silos that hold all their corn and hay,
Tims Ford State Park is off to the right
On the way to Nickajack Lake.

We’re warned about steep mountain grades and told to watch for falling rocks
while we pass jagged ledges and big boulders at the roadside
and more signs telling us to discover all the legends of Rock City
and oh say can you see the rocks in Rock Mountain
while Rocky Top is playing on the car radio
The Acuff Country Inn Welcomes You
but I’d just as soon not see any wrecks on the highway today
On the way to Nickajack Lake.

Almost there, we’re getting close, Chattanooga in 30 miles
There’s Big Daddy’s Fireworks, with the Best Bang for Your Buck they say
And now Brad & Dolly are singing something soulful and pretty
and when I get where I’m going I’ll try to find that song again to play
Slower traffic stays to the right
we slow at mile marker 159
and pull over at the Rest Area at the Marion County Line
and it’s magnificence in a moment!
The Tennessee River, coming ‘round the bend, the breeze a-blowin’, the leaves a-fallin’
at Nickajack Lake

So back home again from the day away, driving back to Tullahoma
Past rocks and leaves and steep mountain grades - things we came by on the way
Past Battlecreek Log Homes and Lodge Cast Iron Outlets
And the signs hoping we enjoyed our visit to Ruby Falls
A train whistle blows in the distance, probably just coming into the downtown depot
It must mean something that we’re going home to Coffee County
while passing an ad for the Beans Creek Winery...  I’m not sure what, tho’
Trains through Tullahoma are just a fact they say
like the beauty of the water, the reflections of our day
spent on the way to Nickajack Lake
In an Old Man’s Memory
Kathy Martin – Copyright © 1973

The leaves have turned from green to brown
they’re covered now with dew
and lately, almost every day
my thoughts turn to you

Remembrances of summer days
of love’s first breath and sigh
have made me unaware of time
and of the days gone by

I know now that my dreams of you
are not reality
But it seems you’ve always been here
to keep me company

So sit with me now, stand by my side
the way you used to do
And give me the strength to cope with life
until I come to you.
I originally wrote this in 1973 as an ode between a
widower and his wife of 50 years who had passed
away the year before.  After more recent events,
it has taken on a new meaning for me...
I dedicate this to all the parents who have lost their
sons and daughters to the terrorist conflicts in Iran
and Afgahnistan.  
Advice From A Friend
Kathy Martin  -- Copyright©1998

You love each other.
Hand in hand
you stand and face the world.
Beneath your passion
lies a solid foundation
When times seem rough,
draw from this...  and
Remain kind.
Keep the balance you’ve been fortunate to find.
Marriage is a fifty/fifty proposition.
So, give and take.
Bend to mend.
Make your journey sweet!
In the end, you’ll grow to know completeness.
And, together,
you can stay
in love.
How can you ever compensate for a debt so overwhelming
How can you ever give back for someone's time and sympathy
It leaves you with a sense of owing so much more than you could ever, ever relay
How can a simple thank you ever repay...

My sister...

She's my confidant, my friend indeed, my unwavering hero in my hour of need
She's a warrior, she's a gentle soul, she's the truth and the strength of all I know
And I know that it's true -- I'd never make it through
Without Ree

She's unfazed by conflict and unafraid, she does whatever it takes, she's always been brave
She has grit, and verve, and a quiet peace.  But in her words, she'd just say, "How hard can that be?"
And I know that it's true -- I'd never make it through
Without Ree

My little sister, she's such a jewel
She's got a tattoo, I think that's so cool
She's the very best mom, and a best friend too
And she's been so there for me...  I don't know what I would do without Marie

She's the steady sound of the voice of reason
She's my Gibraltar rock if I need her to lean on
Her grace and humor help to dampen my doubts
If there's a way to make it, she'll figure it out
And I know that's it's true -- I'd never make it through
Without Ree

So -- how can you ever compensate
for a debt so overwhelming
How can you ever give back
for someone's time and sympathy
It leaves you with a sense of owing so much more
than you could ever, ever relay
How can a simple thank you
ever repay...
She's been so there for me...
I don't know what I would do without

Kathy Martin - Copyright©2005
Fathers & Sons
Kathy Martin – Copyright © 1994

Now a son is a father
With a child of his own
He will teach his little one
That they are never alone
With the memories of patience
And joy that he’s known
A tender reminder
Of the love he was shown
By the son of a father
With a child of his own
Someone sent this to me in an email...  the author is unknown,
but I thought it was some sound advice!  Merri does too!!  :)
Good Advice from Your Dog

If a dog was the teacher you would learn stuff like:
  • When loved ones come home, always run to greet them.
  • Never pass up the opportunity to go for a joyride.
  • Allow the experience of fresh air and the wind in your face to be pure ecstasy.
  • When it's in your best interest, practice obedience.
  • Let others know when they've invaded your territory.
  • Take naps.
  • Stretch before rising.
  • Run, romp, and play daily.
  • Thrive on attention and let people touch you.
  • Avoid biting when a simple growl will do.
  • On warm days, stop to lie on your back on the grass.
  • On hot days, drink lots of water and lie under a shady tree.
  • When you're happy, dance around and wag your entire body.
  • No matter how often you're scolded, don't buy into the guilt thing and pout!  Run right back and make friends.
  • Delight in the simple joy of a long walk.
  • Eat with gusto and enthusiasm. Stop when you have had enough.
  • Be loyal. Never pretend to be something you're not.
  • If what you want lies buried, dig until you find it.
  • When someone is having a bad day, be silent, sit close by and nuzzle them gently
If You Don’t Try
Kathy Martin / Copyright©1997

It took courage to approach her
as she stood in silk and lace
And he looked calm in his cool confidence,
Considering the challenge he faced
“Can I buy you a drink?
Would you like to sit down?
Do you want to talk for a while?”
But when she turned to him with those icicle eyes
and that condescending smile
He knew it was a nice try
but no dice, no way, no how, not today
Still, he gave it a try
Nothing ventured, nothing gained
You pay a price to play the game
and things will always stay the same
Unless you try

She knew she would be nervous
Tense to the point of laughter
She never was one to believe
in happily ever after
But he seemed so sane
so self-assured
and it had been so long
She almost forgot this was a blind date
Could the time be right? Is he two hours late?
She knew it was a nice try
But oh well, it could’ve been swell
she’ll never know, so what the hell
She gave it a try
Nothing ventured, nothing gained
You pay a price to play the game
and you have no one else to blame
if you don’t try

And you know, you never know
Sometimes, in spite of all the things you do
What you’ve always wanted
lands right in front of you

They’re going out tonight
It’s been almost a year
How come time seems to fly
When you’re with someone who cares
It feels so right
from that first night
They know right from the start
they might never have found one another
each half of the same heart,
If they hadn’t tried
Opened up, took a chance, tossed that dice, returned that glance
Yeah, you have to try
Cause nothing ventured, nothing gained
You pay a price to play the game
and things will always stay the same
unless you try
you have to try
things will always stay the same        
if you don’t try
Domestic & family violence and abuse is rampant in
this country and it needs to end -- now!  If you or
someone you know is the victim of this kind of
abuse, contact the National Domestic Violence
Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233) or online at

Here are some other website pages with helpful
Abused Too
-        Kathy Martin / Copyright©2006

Just because you don’t hit her
Doesn’t mean you don’t hurt her
Words can be as sharp as a blade of steel

Just because you don’t stab her
Doesn’t mean you don’t wound her
Some scars are harder pressed to ever heal
Talk To Me
- Kathy Martin©2000

For everything we have in common
For all that we agree upon
It’s not unreasonable to fathom
an argument that can’t be won

It’s just a small misunderstanding
It’s just two different points of view
It’s only our opinions clashing
It doesn’t mean I don’t love you

Talk to me
Tell me your truth
Give me the choice and half a chance
to see it as you do
Yell if you need to
But let me understand
Talk to me
So, you know what that means, don't you?

Don't Worry... Be Happy!!!!
Paul’s Song
- Kathy Martin©1983

Paul, your Daddy loves you so
if you could only know
how very much
He would do most anything
to have you here with him
so close to touch
He wants you to be good
do all the things you should
so one day when you grow to be
a kind and gentle man, you’ll see
you’ll be just like your Daddy,
strong and true
Paul, your Daddy loves you

Paul, I know it’s very hard
but you hold all the cards
like in a game
Yes, I know it shouldn’t be
but one day you will see
and feel the same
He wants what’s best for you
sometimes he really needs you
so he can face another day
‘cause you’re the reason in his way
He’d like to watch you learn and grow up, too
Paul, I know your Dad, and he loves you

Paul, your Daddy loves you so
Someday you’ll come to know
deep in your heart
And Paul, I care about you, too
Not just because you’re you,
though that’s a big part
I love you ‘cause you mean so much to him.

And Paul, you see
he means so much to me.
Those Paper-Jam-in-the-Copier-Again
Kathy Martin/Copyright©1986

I got plenty of work to do
More than my share
With deadlines to meet
But the machine’s in disrepair
Oh, I got ‘em bad...
I got those paper-jam-in-the-copier-again blues

The pressure’s killing me
My back’s against the wall
Seems like I spend my whole life
Just waiting on a service call
Oh, I got ‘em bad...
I got those paper-jam-in-the-copier-again blues

I can’t explain it
Why in all of this town
It’s always our copier
going down,
staying down...

Aw, I think it’s sad
You know what I mean
When you go to sleep at night
Collators jamming in your dreams
Oh, you know that’s when it’s really bad....
you got the blues
Yeah, I got ‘em so bad...
I got those paper-jam-in-the-copier-again blues
This is dedicated to everyone who can SO
relate to the movie, "Office Space".  

Got a bat handy?  You KNOW you want to... :)
Copyright by Kathy Martin©1993
Copyright by Kathy Martin©2006


Sad is the soul

that strives to be True

For to be True

Often times, you must be Blue

So I pick my favorite Hue

and go ahead and wallow...

contentedly, Azurely, I gaze

through my Cobalt and Indigo view

Until finally I

see through the gloom

I see through the Blue

to You
How's your
"It's not so much what they
say as what you hear."
-- Toni Morrison
“I’m not weird, I’m gifted.”
-- Unknown
“I ask people why they have deer
heads on their walls. They say that
it’s because a deer is such a
beautiful animal. There you go. I
think my mother is attractive, but I
only have pictures of her.”
-- Ellen DeGeneres
Blue-Haired Broad
Copyright by Kathy Martin©2004
I’m proud to be a blue-haired broad
I’ve earned every single solitary hair
I won’t hold my tongue
I'll say whatever I want
No, I won’t quit until I’m done
I’m proud to be a blue-haired broad
And just what are you going to do?
I’ve lived and loved
and I've laughed a ton
Won’t stop ‘til my life’s through
It Suddenly Occurs…
Copyright - Kathy Martin©2006

It suddenly occurs
While I’m sitting at my daily toil
And I’m concentrating so hard
But I hear him start to snore
Through the clicking of my keys
Through the music of the old movie playing
Through the sound of my memories

And I’m suddenly aware
Of all that’s gone before
Of the times he held my hand
Of the times he yelled and screamed
Of the times he laughed with me
Of all the time gone by

And I’m suddenly afraid
Of all that lies ahead
Of the harder time to come
When he won’t be there for me
To hold my hand
Or yell at me
Or laugh or snore

And it suddenly occurs
How just a snore
Kathy Martin©2006

Some see her as kind.
Some think her self-centered.
Others see her as thoughtless.
Some say she’s good-natured.
And some would say she’s an inconsiderate soul.
Some people might think that,
But they wouldn’t know.

She may sometimes lack tact
So some may call her insensitive.
Yet she can exhibit a charitable nature
Though some say she’s unappreciative.
But they don’t know her empathetic role.
So those people would think that,
Because they wouldn’t know

She’s actually frightened
And a little naïve;
Too proud to admit it,
Too scared to believe
In herself
And in those who truly love her.
She trusts no one;
Is constantly cynical;
Protective of what?  Only she could tell you.
But she deems the world epic in scope
And so vast she can’t possibly cope.

So she may seem inflexible.
Prone to her own motivation
But she’d give you the moon
If she thought you had no other option.
Yet she would dubiously second guess her own gracious
See, most people wouldn’t think that.
They wouldn’t know how lonely her life is
Hearing only her own voice.
Most people wouldn’t know
That it’s the way she is -- the way she's always been...
That it’s always been her choice.
No, they wouldn’t know.
And why would they?

That’s also her choice.
Be Silent No More
Kathy Martin/Copyright©2006

A letter came today
And it reminded me
Of something Martin said
So eloquently
He said: Our lives begin to end
On the very day
That we become silent
And never say
What we think or what we feel
About the things that matter most in our way
So… speak up I say!!
Talk a blue streak!
Say what you think!!
Because the sun is coming up tomorrow,
And it’s never too late
To try to change what’s wrong
And make it right
Light the dark
To make it bright
Pound loudly on every shuttered door
And when it comes to what you think
Be quiet
Be silent
No more
Another Prayer
Kathy Martin©2006

Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray dear Lord You’ll always keep
Me close in thought and in Your care
And save me a place with You up there
Because dear Lord I must confide
That lately You are being denied
And people down here are not the same
Quite frankly Lord, they’re going insane
Not only killing the Earth You’ve given us
But killing each other without any conscience
The Jewish hate Arabs and Arabs hate Jews
It was so in Your time, so that’s nothing new
But people are finding horrendous ways to kill children
These are the most innocent and trusting of victims
So please dear Lord as I go to sleep
I pray that if You can not keep
Insane grownups from their own destruction
Please dear Lord, protect the children
The Unsuspecting Cynic
Kathy Martin©2006

The look of curiosity

All innocence and sweetness

How precious is a child

And the wonder that they’re born

Every day of living life

Chips away that beauty

Until they’ve grown up captive

To the unsuspecting cynic

Who wishes for the wonder

Of those trusting, carefree days
The Rush
- Kathy Martin©2006

The hustling, jostling, rushing to make it in this world
Has made us blind to the beauty He has made
In the simplest of sights
Like the rustling leaves
Of a statuesque sycamore tree
Or the delicate petal
Of a single succulent Sterling Rose
Why, do you suppose, we scuttle this way and that
Without regard or remorse
Without conscience or concern
Of course, I discern, it’s the rush that distracts
The thrill of it
But alas
Like all manner of highs
It will grow bright
But then die
And where will we be?
Hustling and jostling to make it into His world
Where He’s been waiting
I hope
We are worthy
Husbands and Wives
-Kathy Martin©2006

Woman, you are my wife
So fetch me this
Make me that
Wait on me hand and foot
Because I am entitled
And this is God’s will
God gave us all free will
Not just those who have their soft and tender
parts on the inside,
But those with them hanging on the outside as
I say
Husband, you are a man
Get up on the two strong feet that God gave you
And get it yourself!
Oh, and while you are there…
God said that Love is Patient and Kind…
Maybe you
Could get two
And share!
This is dedicated to the people in the town of Libby, Montana.  To read some
of what they are going through, you might check out this link:
Is that Dust in the Air?
Kathy Martin©2006

Hail, Mary –
Shame on Grace
Has the Lord forgotten me?
I live in Libby, not far from the mine
And I’m as sick as sick can be

There’s dust in the air
There’s dust everywhere
And now it seems the company knew
How can He allow such greed
Mary, what can we do?

I wouldn’t keep asking
But it’s not just for me
I’m afraid the whole town could die
Please ask your Son to pray for us
It’s in Him we must now rely

My parents moved us to this place
To gain a sweet and simple existence
But thanks to Grace’s abject apathy
Asbestos has left us in illness

Holy Mary, Mother of God
Pray for the Sinners, now and at the hour of our death
But dear Mary, pray for us too
Because we did not deserve this
Do You
For anyone who might not know, Haiku is a form of poetry where there are three lines, the
first has 5 syllables, the 2nd 7 syllables and the 3rd 5 syllables.  This 5/7/5 pattern is what
makes it "Haiku".  I've come to find it fun, and sort of challenging... here are some of my
forays into the world of Haiku....
This is America
Kathy Martin©2007

The sunlight is shining through the blinds
Throwing shadows on the table.
As thoughts cross my mind…
That we in this country
Are so fortunate to find ourselves free.
Because this is America.

We take it for granted –
Our ability to choose.
And we can’t even fathom
Just how much we could lose
If it all went away.
If we woke up tomorrow
And weren’t allowed to sing or to pray…
But this is America.

And Americans stand for what is right.
When someone’s in trouble, we’re the first to fight
To save them from fates unimaginable.
Americans are dependable
And will go to any length
Because we care and we draw from this strength.
If there are people in need,
We’re the first to share
And try to make life worth living.
Americans are always giving.

And I’m proud to be red, white and blue.
Patriotism isn’t something we use –
It’s something we are – loyal and true.
Because this is America.

So the next time you hear someone
Griping about
How we don’t have this and
We won’t live without…
Just remember it’s not like they have to be here.
It’s a really big planet
With lots of places to go…
And they’re lucky!  The choice is all theirs!!
Because THIS is America!
More to come... Check back Again....
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This is a poem that was written by my friend, Sherry Lawson,
for her brother Dennis, who passed away in 2005.  It was
just so beautiful, I asked her if she wouldn't mind sharing it
with us here...
Watching the traffic from the 26th floor
Everyone’s in such a rush
It’s high noon in the city
They’re all meeting someone for lunch
Through the dirt-stained window I see a young couple
In the park sitting under a tree
She’s sharing her sandwich, he’s stealing a kiss
They’re as happy as two kids can be

In the right corner of the window I saw
The little gold writing that read
“Maternity Ward – Please Be Quiet!
Our Babies Are All In Bed!”
I saw a new father catch sight of his son
And a wonder came over his face
His tiny blue bundle’s life had just begun
And the world was now a much better place

I feel what affects me
I sense what is fake
I know what’s important
I know what can wait
I know what is precious
I trust what is real
I know what I feel
There’s no time to waste on regret
We should throw all our worry away
If we truly forgive and forget
Life will mean more,
so much more every day

And I’m looking through a window of rose-colored glass
It’s my optimistic view
Things look, oh, so bright and hopeful
In shades that won’t be subdued
Could the sky be any bluer?
A greener green I’ll never find
Just the thought of the beauty of the leaf of a tree
Puts the perspective back into my life

I feel what affects me
I sense what is fake
I know what’s important
I know what can wait
I know what is precious
I trust what is real
I know what I feel
Here's a Thought ~
Life's a test...
to prove nothing less than our love.
It requests nothing less than our love...
and demands nothing less than our love.
Best Bang
for Your
Fly Away
Kathy Martin – Copyright©1979

If I could only fly
I’d soar away today.
The days are getting much too long,
and I’m afraid that I can’t stay.
Behind this wall of fear
I hear the echoes of a distant call.
It seems so far away,
but actually
it comes from me –
the making of my heart,
the essence of my soul.
It’s searching from within the maze of feelings.
That old goal –
It always finds it’s way
back to the surface of my self
and sits at the back of my mind,
and patiently,
it waits for me.
I guess it knows I’ll come around in time.
But time –
It’s fast to pass me by.
And suddenly
the fear in me
rings loud and clear
and fine.
When will I overcome this gripping sense of failing?
For I should know by now
that a boat can’t sink
unless it’s sailing first.
And “try” has always been the key.
I wish I could try
the courage in me,
and fly away.
Trains through Tullahoma
Kathy Martin - Copyright©2006

Every Night
Every Day
Whistles whine and moan away
Agendas to make, No time to waste
Trains through Tullahoma

With signs of graffiti art
Adorning box cars
It must happen during city layovers
because they breeze right through here...
all the Trains through Tullahoma
Cars they come
Cars they go
Box cars stacked with new cars for show
on their way to showroom floors
on Trains through Tullahoma

Thundering, rolling, roaring
It echoes
For more than hours and hours each night
Steel wheels keep turning, all night whirling
The Trains through Tullahoma
Kathy Martin©2006

It’s like when I’d see you playing solitaire...
it was all up to you.
You’d call the plays.
You’d make the rules.
It was you against the odds, and you’re used to it
You’ve always been the one
to keep her head,
to lay the roots,
making sure all you loved got their fair share.

But you don’t have to play this one alone...
I care.
I can be the ear you bend, the shoulder you cry on...
If you start to loose weight, I’ll feed you.
If you start to loose hair, I’ll wig you out!
I will share
the burden of pain and worry and woe;
throw the baggage this way and then
it just might be that much easier to bear.
Who’s to know?
No one else has to know!
It can just be between us --
our own special adaptation...
an optimistic variation
of solitaire.
I saw this on a local church's signboard and
thought it made a lot of sense:

"Worry is the darkroom
where negatives
can develop."
Birds on a Wire
Kathy Martin©2006

We’re like birds on a wire

Side by side

Warmed by the current

And the camaraderie

Friends of a feather

In good times and sad

Sticking together

Whether happy or mad

In fair or foul weather

We still flock to each other

Like birds on a wire
Rows and rows abound
Straight as soldiers attending
Yet, how peaceful ~ Trees
Tranquil morning’s sigh
Daylight yawns upon the leaves
The garden awakes
Misty waterfall
Plunges over mossy rocks
Feel the wind’s soft kiss
moonlit, bright, stargazing night
angels breathless, sing
Leave strewn path well known
Begging toward the journey home
Canopy of Fall
God’s Thumbnail
Kathy Martin©2006

From darkened shadows peeking
Through the mauve of vapors deep
We see God’s thumbnail winking
As the world goes off to sleep

Souls searching for true meaning
Of lives left unresolved
Begin their restless mission
Their sins to be absolved

Strive not for fame and fortune
With wealth and time, be adept
Rather set your course on service
You’ll find status a fleeting concept

In this Life, He gave us Choice
Our death is but a given
So frightened of the night, I’m not
Forgiveness lies in Heaven

As the world goes off to sleep
Through darkened shadows peeking
Through the mauve of vapors deep
We see God’s thumbnail winking
Wide open spaces
Leading to tree-lined entry
Of mountain grandeur
Question (poem for Dennis)
by Sherry Lawson©2005

And when his friend of many years
Though none too recent
Fell to shock and then to tears with my telling
I found it hard to hide surprise
And had to ask him
Did you not feel it?
The way the winds changed in the trees
Did you not see it?
The faint but ever present haze
On every single thing that this world has to offer
Did you not feel it?

Did you not hear it?
That low discordant droning tone
The one that masked the happy tinkle of a child’s toy

Well I can tell you, and firsthand
How the flowers, there were many,
Tried and tried to wake my senses with their sweet and varied fragrance
As I touched the faces, for myself, that he would never touch again
I have to ask you… his friend
Did you not feel it?
A Closer Glimpse of Heaven
Kathy Martin©2007

To ride the sky in a hot air balloon…
Soaring like a painted bird…
Floating free and ever upward.
Competing with the clouds
For a closer glimpse of heaven.
To be nearer to God and away from the sin
This world is so dependently full of.
Rising high and undeniably
In free flight
Puts us in touch with what’s good
And just, and right.
Because good has always been right,
And bad is almost always wrong.
We have to admit to have known all along.
Just because we choose to worship
From our own specific school,
Doesn't give us the right
To interpret His rules.
Do unto others,
And in our higher power we should trust.
Nothing else matters.
It's His lesson to us.
So be golden and glad
And be ever kind,
And this life that's been given us
Will turn out just fine!
He’s in a better place…
You know he’s smiling where
The weather’s always fair
And the sun is shining there
The greens are greener
than any you’ve ever seen
He’s got the perfect tee time
And a perfect set of knees
He’s golfing with God
And the angels are caddying

- Kathy Martin©2007
For my friend and surrogate
father, Waymon "Doug" Gainous
Jully 11, 1930 - February 8, 2007

In Loving Memory
Doug and my
Dad back in
Kathy Martin©2006

Painted powdering blush
Brushed in-between mysteries sleeping
Reflection found, startled deep
Mirror image closely reaching
Need, once glanced
With chiseled bad boy good looks and the rakish smile
that Clooney always slips in place
He stares down while thoughts form in his mind, and
you see that look come across his face
Although we perceive something must be up his bright
white French cuffed sleeves
When Paparazzi cry “George!” we then become just
another one of the thieves…
Kathy Martin©2006
A Journey towards Self-Esteem (A Series of Haikus)
Kathy Martin©2006

Old photo does shock
Over three hundred pounds then
The candle did burn


Much lighter these days
Down by eighty five so far
With still much to learn


Look forward to change
Each brings opportunity
To live for one’s self


I realize now
How precious is each moment
Can relive not one


Maintaining struggle
Of achieving healthy goal
Makes this soul hopeful
Tree of Hearts
Kathy Martin©2007

Our family tree
Branches far and wide
Hearts filled with love
Hang heavy
Like ripe fruit on the vine
Though far away each one
We are never far in our minds
As our tree of hearts
Stands the test of time
A Candle
Kathy Martin©2007

A candle, lit to light the night
To warm a darkened room
To chase away the gloomy fright
Of night’s melancholy tune

Its shadows blush and seem to nix
All manner of sadness and woe
A candle, lit, can be just the fix
When it gives off that soft, warm glow
Winter Palms (Haiku)
Kathy Martin©2006

Blanketed in snow
The palm fronds pushing upward
Winter overnight
The Fan
Kathy Martin©2007

Some things can draw a memory
So quick, you’re way back when
A wonderful whiff of after shave
And you’re walking with great granddad again
Or you hear a tune and remember the joke
That would make your kid sister so mad
Well, that’s how I felt just the other day
When I saw a lady pull a fan from her bag…

A beautifully classic, uniquely hand-painted,
hand-held, old-fashioned lace fan
A fascinating sight in these ipod days and times
This beautifully classic, uniquely hand-painted,
hand-held, old-fashioned lace fan
Immediately brought my grandmother to my mind
Her grace, her smile
Her impeccable Spanish style
The way she always dressed just so
And how she sometimes carried
a beautifully classic, uniquely hand-painted,
hand-held, old-fashioned lace fan

When I saw the fan, I remembered
Grandma’s beautifully classic, uniquely hand-painted,
hand-held, old-fashioned lace fan.
Portraits of the Fallen (Kaziah)
By Kathy Martin©2007

…about Kaziah Hancock, artist and amazing patriot, who paints the
portraits of fallen soliders and sends them to their familes at no charge.  
She’s another American hero….

Kaziah says that as the artist she is,
She can do little to stop a war…
With every brushstroke
She brushes a tear…
With every slather
She gathers them near to her heart.
The art, the compassion she feels…
Portraits of the fallen
To never be forgotten.
In her studio she reveres
The sons and the daughters
Of mothers and fathers
Who have lost what they hold most dear.
In her portraits of the fallen
To never be forgotten,
Kaziah sends them home
With a kiss,
And a wish,
And a fervent prayer.
She can do little to stop a war…
But she paints a tribute to show them she cares.
And her warm embrace will never be forgotten
By a family gazing up at a portrait of their fallen.
To find out more about this remarkable woman and the
project she's leading, click on the link below:
Kathy Martin©2007

Endlessly waiting for a sign
Some signal that it will be alright
The nights are lonely and oh, so cold
What I wouldn’t give to have your arms enfold me
I’m so desperately praying for a clue
Some hint that will reveal all is well
A fleeting glimpse through the faces on the screen
I’m glued to CNN
Like a cheap price sticker on a discount soup tureen…
And I’m hungry for one, just one eyeful…
I’m endlessly waiting…
For a signal
For a clue
For just one sign of you
To know that you’re coming home to me
To stay around…
Ms. Alice, I Wonder
Kathy Martin©2007

Ms. Alice, I wonder, are your eyes shining bright
Do you have that Cheshire smile
Are you happy and laughing
Did you get to meet Him tonight

And I wonder, Ms. Alice, are you waltzing the skies
Did you open your arms wide
Clap your hands and hold them high
Did you dance in His arms tonight
So much breathing space in the clouds
Long after this prison of our birth
We don’t even know how trapped we are
‘til after our time’s through on earth
When we meet Him
When we greet Him
‘Til we see Him again…

I wonder, Ms. Alice, was the rabbit by your side
A companion on the journey
Or was he a fair-weather friend
Taking things painlessly in stride

And Ms. Alice in Wonderland, are you pain-free tonight
Have you found your blissful victory
In the Lord’s assured destiny
Are you now at peace with your life
So much breathing space in the clouds
Long after this prison of our birth
We don’t even know how trapped we are
‘til after our time’s through on earth
When we meet Him
When we greet Him
‘Til we see Him again…

Ms. Alice, I wonder, are your eyes shining bright
Do you have that Cheshire smile
Are you happy and laughing
And did you get to meet Him tonight….
November 20, 2007
Mrs. Alice Faye Fultz died today, sometime in the afternoon.  
The last time I saw her was on Saturday evening in the CCU at
Harton Hospital.  She was not her jolly self since she was
really struggling for her life… but she was still in there…
when the nurse tried to rouse her to say she had visitors, she
didn’t respond at first.  I started to sing, “There’s a Long Black
Train, Coming Down the Line…” which was her favorite song
that she always requested of me at Life Care, and Alice
opened her eyes, looked at me, smiled a little, then looked at
the nurse and said, “She’s a singer!”  She was one of my
biggest fans…:)  And I’ll truly miss her smiling face!
This poem was written by my friend Glenda
Clark, a mom who feels blessed that her son
returned from Iraq.  With her kind permission,
I thought I would share her thoughts with you
A Mother’s Perspective
Glenda Clark©2008
(Remembering my son, Kevin, on his return from Iraq)

It was a beautiful and warm early fall day
My youngest born son was going away.
I held onto the moment for as long as I could
My heart was breaking, as any mother’s would.

I couldn’t say to him all the things you would say
This trip would not be fun, even on a good day.
I had raised him to be a man of his own
So I couldn’t hold him back, now that he was grown.

Several days later he arrived at his “new home”
Tired, worn, and weary, but he made not a groan.
Soldiers, I guess are trained that way
He always said what I wanted him to say.

We tried to talk on the phone one day
But he had to run, the sirens were blasting away.
I held onto the phone, I began to pray
Please God, take care of my son today.

It was a beautiful and warm early fall day
I saw my soldier son making his way.
There was a field full of soldiers running with cheer
I saw only one and he was near.

I reached out my arms and then I knew
The burden was gone, my prayers had come true.
I cried many tears on that eventful day
For all the sons who would not pass our way.

You may think you know what another goes through
But in reality, not until it happens to you.
A mother whose son didn’t make it through
Will forever carry the burden, and others will too.
I can call myself a published poet!  The International Library of Poetry and
has published three of my poems in three separate compliation books!  
"Be Silent No More" was published in their book entitled "Collected Whispers";
"Golfing with God" was published in "The International Who's Who of Poetry"; and  
"Trains through Tullahoma", my first published work, was in "Twilight Musings".
All 3 poems are within the poetry below!  
I hope you enjoy! :)
Published in the International Library of Poetry's Who's Who Publication, 2007
Just a Minute Ago
Kathy Martin©2008
    (I wrote this about George Carlin - these words - "he was here a minute
    ago" is what I heard him say in an interview once that he would want
    someone to say about him when he was gone...  so I have...  :)  We will
    miss him.)

Nighttime is dark                
We have too much stuff
These are some things he explained to us  
In a way that made us laugh         
And think                     
He was here a minute ago           

He said cut the commandments            
From ten down to one
“To thyself thou shalt keep thy religion”                
Then he’d point out to us what Evian backwards        
Ah… just a minute ago.          
He was here just a minute ago                 

And I always wondered about him        
What made his amazing mind tick
He was not just another cool dude
Turning some comedy stand-up trick… oh no…    

He said time is precious, so keep this in mind
If you learn nothing else, learn to be kind
And when you remember 7 words I couldn’t say
Just smile and remember my face…
Another rat running the race…
and I was just
here a minute ago…
I was here just a minute ago
It was just a minute ago.

Nighttime is dark
We have too much stuff
These are some things he explained to us
Just a minute ago…
(Words by Katherine E. Orr©1990)

It seemed whenever duty called, you couldn’t wait to fly
Though you’d be gone a year or more, you wouldn’t say good-bye
I loved you for the last time and watched you walk away
And the promise that I made you then, still holds true today
I’m still here…

They listed you as missing till seven years had passed
I stood and watched as others held their husbands close at last
As mem-o-ries grow dimmer and time keeps passing by
The hardest thing about it all is understanding why
But I’m still here…

I’m still here – where I said I’d always be
Still right here – you can always count on me
And I’ll never know if you can feel the love I share alone
But my heart is yours forever – so until they bring you home
I’m still here…

Your son’s just like his father, wants to fly beyond the moon
And your little baby daughter, she’s gonna graduate in June
As life goes on around me, my hope still lingers on
For you’ll need someone to hold you when they finally bring you home
I’ll be right here…

I’m still here – where I’ll be forever more
Still right here – until you’re accounted for
And though others have forgotten or were untouched by the pain
Your love’s alive within my heart till you’re in my arms again
I’m still here…
I’m still here….  
I’m still here.
A fellow Magnolia asked me to look at her poem and put music to it.  I did.  Because of these amazing
words, it's a powerful song - especially with our on-going conflicts in Iran and Afghanistan... Katherine
dedicates this especially to Cdr. Charles R. Lee, USN, MIA 1967 over N. Vietnam, whose remains were
finally returned in 1993.  This is also for those who may still be out there...
Going Forward  
Kathy Martin©2010

How does it feel to have to stop it all.
All the activity.
All the motion.
All the mayhem and pandemonium…
Not too good.

Feels like quitting.
And relinquishing anything has never set well.

But when you have no choice in the matter
What can you do?

The hand you’re dealt, you have to play…
God must know this game better than I do…
There must be another reason in the way…
A different bend in the road ahead…

So here I go.

Stopping.  To start all over again.

Maybe a little slower…

But just as sure…

I wrote this in 2007...
I still feel this way, and I am glad that,
at least up until today (11/21/16), I can
express my opinion.  With the new
administration, I'm not sure how long
that will still be possible.....    :(
FYI -- as of
5/2017, newest
poetry will start  
at the beginning
of the entries.
Kathy Martin©2010

Because of her,
I'm trying to stay ahead of the grief
Trying not to be maudlin
But it's hard to keep tears from falling down
I've never been the strong one
I've always been encouraged
And cared for when ever any one was around
But this time they've come to care for her
This time they've dropped everything and come to see her through
It 's the most important and the most heart-wrenching thing they've ever had to do
And I can't do a thing for them but be here too.
We're all losing our mom
and Dad's losing his girl...
58 years together, and it's too soon --  she's too young to go...
That was their song, you know...  and yet they're not too young to know...
But now.  We all know much too much,
like the unmistakable fact that she'll soon pass away as we watch her go...
And we'll see our childhoods leave for good
and know that our lives will never be the same again...
I hope she knows before she goes that she's made us what we are
Because of her, we'll be okay
Because of her, we'll take care of each other
Because of her, we love one another
Because of her, we know what's right and what's wrong
Because of her... Because of her...
We are much better people for knowing her
And our lives are the richer for having been in her company
We will never know anyone more gracious, more honest, more loving,
More deserving of our respect and our praise
And we will cherish our memories forever...
Because of her.....
Our Memory of Them
Kathy Martin©2012                 December 16, 2012 / 3am /
                                   For the 20 children and 6 adults killed
                                   at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in
                                   Newtown, Connecticut on 12/14/12.

The skies are crying tonight
This loss is much too vast
bells usually ringing
are now silent and sad

Halfway through this season of hope
all the flags are flying half-mast
a constant reminder of young lives lost
innocence we can't get back

But hope is a candle burning
my hand reaching for yours
together we can survive this tide of grief
and yet endure
yes, hope is a candle burning
let our light shine for them
and let Christmas be
our memory
of them

Let us shine a light from every window
in every city in our land
so not the tragedy
but let Christmas be
our memory
of them
Find Your Peace (For Jimmy)
Kathy Martin©2016

No one can know a restless heart
To understand the depth of a soul
We may pretend to comprehend
But we know we may never know

And as hard as we tried, and we tried every day
We can now only be here for you
We gather today to weep and to pray
For a treasured life gone much too soon

So sail on… beloved… sail on….
Our love goes with you -- You are free!  
God grant you serenity and abounding release
Rest now…  Sleep well…  Find your peace.
Kathy Martin©2016

I long for the days when honor was all
When valour and duty was our genuine call
Our fight was for truth and  justice for all --
that was the American way...

We beckoned and welcomed the tired and poor
protected all those who entered our door
Whosoever would fight just to come to our shore
was worthy of compassion and praise...

But now it seems only the powerful rule
discrimination and hate, their despicable tools
Greatness turned into something ruthlessly cruel
and the almighty dollar is king...

So what will become of this country of ours?
When the American Dream loses its promising draw?
When respect is lost for the stripes and the stars?
Where in the world will we be?

We will pray for Superman....
This one is not exactly poetry, and I didn't write it, but I received it in one of those e-mails that gets sent around,
and it's so hysterical, I have to share!  It's a little long, but SO worth it! :) :) :)

Recently, I was diagnosed with A.A.A.D.D. –
Age Activated Attention Deficit Disorder.

This is how it manifests:

I decide to water my garden.    As I turn on the hose in the driveway,
I look over at my car and decide it needs washing.

As I start toward the garage,  I notice mail on the porch table that
I brought up from the mail box earlier.
I decide to go through the mail before I wash the car.

I lay my car keys on the table,
put the junk mail in the garbage can under the table,
and notice that the can is full.  So, I decide to put the bills
back on the table and take out the garbage first.

But then I think,
since I’m going to be near the mailbox when I take out the garbage anyway,
I may as well pay the bills first.

I take my check book off the table and see that there is only one check left.
My extra checks are in my desk in the study, so I go inside the house to my desk where
I find the can of Pepsi I’d been drinking.

I’m going to look for my checks, but first I need to push the Pepsi aside
so that I don’t accidentally knock it over.

The Pepsi is getting warm,
and I decide to put it in the refrigerator to keep it cold.

As I head toward the kitchen with the Pepsi, a vase of flowers on the counter
catches my eye–they need water.

I put the Pepsi on the counter and discover my reading glasses that
I’ve been searching for all morning.
I decide I better put them back on my desk, but first I’m going to water the flowers.

I set the glasses back down on the counter, fill a container with water and suddenly spot the TV remote.
Someone left it on the kitchen table.   I realize that tonight when we go to watch TV,
I’ll be looking for the remote, but I won’t remember that it’s on the kitchen table,
so I decide to put it back in the den where it belongs, but first I’ll water the flowers.

I pour some water in the flowers,but quite a bit of it spills on the floor.
So, I set the remote back on the table, get some towels and wipe up the spill.

Then, I head down the hall trying to remember what I was planning to do.

At the end of the day:
the car isn’t washed
the bills aren’t paid
there is a warm can of  Pepsi sitting on the counter
the flowers don’t have enough water,
there is still only 1 check in my check book,
I can’t find the remote,
I can’t find my glasses,
and I don’t remember what I did with the car keys.
Then, when I try to figure out why nothing got done today,
I’m really baffled because I know I was busy
all the damn day, and I’m
really tired.

I realize this is a serious problem,
and I’ll try to get some help for it,
but first I’ll check my e-mail….

Do me a favor.
Forward this message to everyone you know,
because I don’t remember who the hell I’ve sent it to.

Don’t laugh — if this isn’t you yet, your day is coming!!
Jake’s Lullaby
Kathy Martin©2017

Time to dream
of puppy tails and pussy willows
Time to dream
lay your head upon your pillow
Let visions you love fill up your heart
It’s time to dream, little sleepy head,
Sweetest dreams until you wake
Baby Jake

Time to dream
of bikes and kites and superheroes
Time to dream
lay your head upon your pillow
Let visions you love fill up your heart
It’s time to dream, little sleepy head,
Sweetest dreams until you wake
Baby Jake

Fly, Superman, Fly  
(Kathy Martin©2017)

The stars are winking, little one
It’s time to turn out the lights
Soon you’ll be sailing on puffy white clouds
Dreaming your way through kaleidoscope skies
Swooping past long-tailed comets
To the other side of the moon
Where you can pretend to your heart’s content,
in your Fortress of Solitude

Fly, Superman, Fly
Rise, and soar through the air
In dreams, you can be and do what you dare…
Fly, Superman, Fly

And here is the best part about it; You have nothing to lose…
You can be anything you imagine…
whatever you choose…

So, as stars are winking, my little one
I’ll tuck you in for the night
Whimsical dreams are waiting for you
You can fly, you will be just fine!

Fly, Superman, Fly
Rise, and soar through the air
In dreams, you can be and do what you dare…
Fly, Superman, Fly
For my great nephew, Jakob Richard...
my sister's first grandchild.  
Such a sweetie pie!
Do You Love God?
Kathy Martin©2017

If I am kind
If I am true
If I wish wonderful things for you
Then only wonderful things
will come back around for me
Because when the Golden Rule applies…
That is my prize!
God gave us one explicit decree:
Love everyone as you love yourself...
Only then will you love me.
Kathy Martin©2017

On a bright summer’s day while strolling in the woods
I find an interesting trail through the greenery
Well-worn and well-travelled, it sparks my curiosity
I have to walk this unexpected path.

As I draw farther on, through the trees and past shrubberies
I discover a beauty you rarely ever see,
and so much tranquility I can scarcely believe
There’s no way now:  I know I can’t turn back.

The rays of sunshine peeking through the leaves
The scent of purple lilac wafting through the trees
Here my mind is unencumbered and perfectly at ease
I’m at peace, I’m at peace
In nature, God is present, His wondrous works abound
The grandeur of His artistry exceeds in leaps and bounds
I find myself awe-struck, a joy I can’t explain
And in this bliss, I must admit, not feeling as much pain
I am at peace, I am at peace

As I continue walking through the purple and the greens
I come upon the most amazing sound
A bubbling, babbling, beautiful brook, meandering to the stream
I guess that only He knows what I need

The boulders and moss-laden rocks that sit upon the shore
Guide me further on to scenes unknown
But I press on, not frightened by this track I do not know
For I know He will composedly accompany me

The rays of sunshine peeking through the leaves
The scent of purple lilac wafting through the trees
Here my mind is unencumbered and perfectly at ease
I’m at peace, I’m at peace
In nature, God is present, His wondrous works abound
The grandeur of His artistry exceeds in leaps and bounds
I find myself awe-struck, a joy I can’t explain
And in this bliss, I must admit, not feeling as much pain
I am at peace, I am at peace

I must admit, I’m feeling such release
And I’m at peace.
A New Prayer
Kathy Martin©2017

Dear Lord:
Love is Love is Love
Not all hearts are so distrusting
Fill to the brim with grace
all these hardened hearts that ache
Because Hate is wrong
And self-centered greed
is unbelievably disgusting
Kathy Martin©2017

I’m feeling nostalgic
Missing the days
When I took happy and healthy for granted
Now age and infirmities
Give me pause to reflect
On good times, great friends, and missed chances

Though each day is a dare
To see what I can do
To develop a new purpose and style
The adventure evolves
In new paths I may choose
Whatever will make life worthwhile

Sometimes writing and music
Seem so out of my reach
Hard to keep a more confident vibe
But I know perseverance
Is hardest to reap
When not having the right frame of mind

So I’m feeling nostalgic
But memories brighten
All the dark places in my mind’s eye
And I’m finding relief
In the new pledge and promise
To creative ventures I seek to devise
Sisters at the Seaside
Kathy Martin©2017                                        

Those joyful days of finding shells on sandy beaches
Those carefree, sunny days…
When troubles were rare and life felt easy
Imaginations set ablaze
We were young and infinitely innocent
If only we stayed that way
Naïve and truly genuine
What wonders would we have made?
But on life goes and we grow up
And experience makes us skeptical
Hardships and heartaches turn life around
Leaving us jaded and cynical
But oh…
to be those little girls again!
With promise and purpose and glee
We only need to adjust our perspective
Our attitude makes us free
Free from fear, and free from doubt
We put our toes back in the sand
Sisters at the seaside, both ready to begin!
The world is our limitless oyster…
As we search for pearls once again!
Kathy Martin©2018

I never knew how hard life could be
Until I faced it without you
I never thought I’d make it this far
Without you
Now that I’ve come to this fork in the road
And the directions are stay or go
I think of what you would have done
And I move, as ever, on...
On to a new day
On to a different way
On to the unknown possibilities of wonderful things to achieve
It’s all choice and attitude, and so...
I think of what you would have done
And I move on
Kathy Martin©2018

Have you ever wondered
What it would be like
to live in a world without hate?
Is it possible?  Or probable?
To dream what we’d like to create?
We need to open our minds
And solve the obstacles in our way
Like unrelenting greed and corruption
And the unkindness overtaking our days

We should dream of this big blue-green planet
All the gifts it once had to bestow
And long for benevolence to flow over the lands
In all peoples where ever we go
We need to wake up and to realize
That He gave us all that we need
To sustain us and make us worthy of the life He has granted
If only our covetous hatred would cease

Look to each other to see Him in ourselves
Not the wickedness that’s too easy to ignore
It’s much harder to find substance and truly forgive
Only then can we gain true reward

Have you ever wondered
What it would be like
To live in a world without hate?
Is it possible?  Or even probable?
To dream what we need to create?
We need kindness and more understanding
Much more hope than exists nowadays
Is it too late to change bad into good?
These should be our thoughts and prayers every day
    Kathy Martin©2018

Seven deadly sins are there
Risky not to repress
Dangerous when indulged
Perilous in their excess

Pride and Envy walk hand in hand
Make you covet what you don’t own
Instead of being grateful and satisfied
With every good seed you’ve sown

Gluttony and Sloth, another bad pair
Puts you into an endless cycle
Lecherous indulgence only leads to
The inevitable sins of the idle

Lust and Wrath seem to work together
In these days of domestic abuse
With nothing to occupy hands and minds
Sex and Violence ensue

And last, but not least, abominable Greed
Arguably the worst of the seven
For without it the other six might lose their steam
In their bid to bar us from heaven

Seven deadly sins are there
Risky not to repress
Dangerous when indulged
Perilous in their excess
As I See It
     Kathy Martin©2018

These are the days we will look back upon
And wonder what happened to integrity
Nothing makes sense when the truth can’t be trusted
Can we no longer rely on pure honesty?

These Trumpian days have us doubting ourselves
He has made us question our own senses
He says we should not believe what we see or hear
This leaves us isolated and defenseless

Civility and compassion have been methodically replaced
By rude greed and lascivious behavior
Not to mention the harm to our standing in the world
Gone from leader to laughable failure

Evil will endure, it’s been said many times
All it takes is for good men to do nothing
And actions speak louder than words ever have
We must stand up for ourselves and do something

If we truly hold freedom and democracy key
Then we’d better start holding him accountable
Otherwise “We The People” will disappear from our history
Leaving only ourselves responsible
The Pieces We Keep
     Kathy Martin©2018

When it all goes wrong, as it sometimes does
Your heart breaks into millions of pieces
Though it is said time heals all wounds
We know some pain only increases

Hurt runs deep
We can’t help but weep
And no good night’s sleep ever releases
The pain of the pieces we keep

Let it all go, it sounds simple to do
Yet it’s hard to forgive and forget
Some restless nights only end when we wake
From bad dreams in a cold, cold sweat

Hurt runs deep
We can’t help but weep
And no good night’s sleep ever releases
The pain of the pieces we keep

     And we all have regrets in our lives
     Those we fight with fervent persistence
     We vow that we will survive
     As we follow our paths of least resistance

But hurt runs deep
We can’t help but weep
And no good night’s sleep ever releases
The pain of the pieces we keep
     Kathy Martin©2018

Tis the season of giving and cheer
Never forgetting all those we hold dear
But also remember the ones in despair
The ones with no family, who need the most care

Reach out to the strangers who need a kind hand
To those who’ve lost more than we could ever understand
It’s not just the time to give presents and gifts
But time to give time, a kind word to uplift

Time to remember all those empty-handed
Time to share blessings we may take for granted
The true reason for the season tried to teach us His grace
Why should His lesson be so hard to embrace?

So, while we're out celebrating or unwrapping toys
Let's share with the world all our comfort and joy