This page has been so much fun to do!  These are pictures I've either had for a long time or new ones I've
been adding as I've been collecting them.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I've enjoyed putting them
together!  Don't forget -- if you have any you'd like to add to the mix, please don't hesitate to send them to me!
And as for the "Family" section of this page, I gave up trying to do a family tree page, because
we have a page that my dad and others have been adding to so why re-invent the
wheel?  But I decided to add any new or treasured photos I have of my family on this page!!  :)
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And Then Again...
Tullahoma, TN -- 2005 to 2013
Yes, I'm a proud mama!  This is our Little Ms. Merri.  She keeps us on
our toes!  And we're really glad she made the trip with me from Texas
to Tullahoma!  BTW - that's her toy squirrel, not the real deal!  :)
We took my brother Vince and
his then fiancé Lise (pictured
right)  for a visit to Lynchburg,
TN on Memorial Day weekend
2005, and we got our picture
taken with the whole group
(that's me dead center in the
lime green - and us blurry in
the inset!)  We had lunch at
Miss Bobo's, the greatest little
restaurant.  They feature items
on their menu made with the
"local product". :)
It was a lot of fun!  
I was tired, but I made it!!
Here's where I am most days and nights,
either working my day job, or working on the
website or at the computer writing!
This is my very good
friend, Susan, and her
newest puppy, Bailey.  
I'm not sure what her
friend's name above
is, but the picture just
cracks me up, and I
begged her to let me  
have a copy!  :)
Me & my friend, Perry Hatch, ol'
high school buddies... we met at
the Lakes & Spires Festival in
Clarksville, TN for some lunch
and to catch up on ol' times!
Am I In Texas?  Can I Get a Hell Yeah!?
Giant Boots in San Antonio during
my first stay in TX!
These were the longhorn steers outside
of Austin that were right there, plain as
you please, by the side of the road.  Well,
not these exact ones... but ones just
exactly like these.
We were only about 15 minutes away from Gruene, Tx and the
famous Gruene Music Hall.  (That's pronounced GREEN,
btw.) We went there several times.  Not for music events mind
you -- my brother-in-law and my niece are cyclists and Gruene
is host to a lot of bike races!  I thought the town was
especially quaint and really beautiful!  I loved to go there every
chance I got!!  Great shopping and restaurants, too!   Not to
mention the site of a few movie locations!  :)
I found this postcard while I was in Austin.  It's the closest
picture I've found to my actual welcome to Texas when my
sister and I crossed over the border and saw 7 cowboys on
horseback crossing an overpass at sunset.  I swear!  It's the
truth!!  It really looked at lot like this!!!!
It Was a Fond Farewell to the DC Area
A lot of people turned out to see my last live performance in the Washington DC area.  It was Old Home Week!  Thanks for the memories!
I could be mistaken
about this, but I
believe these are
some of the original
members of the
B-Team from the
old Country
Junction Days...
Ladies?  Is that
true?  Come on...
fess up!!!  In any
event, these are the
babes at the bar!   
It's Anita, Ann, Dayle
and Jill.
Mike & Gayle & me
Michael, and I think Andy would have to agree with
me on this, would get the award for traveling the
farthest to see me that night -- in a rainstorm -- from
New Jersey!  Thanks, Mike!
On the Road Again...
Here's the same Dewey crew, right
after breakfast, goofing around at
Joyce's sister's palace (that's right - I
said P-A-L-A-C-E.  You can see it's 3
stories, in actual fact 4.  At the beach.  
Need I say more!  We had a blast!!
their kids Will & Caroline, me and my Dad &
their kids Will & Caroline, me and my Dad &
Mom, Jean & Jody & Andy, and kneeling from
left, Ross, Sean, Joyce and Joan.  
left, Ross, Sean, Joyce and Joan.  

We were freeeeeeeeeezing!  But we had fun
riding the little train & seeing the lights!
The Sunrise Crew at breakfast in
Dewey Beach.  We always
thought we would have made
them a great commercial.  I
wonder if that place is still there...
This was Ross and Lou and I at the height of
our "Riverbend" identity at a little bar in
Frederick, MD.  
We really did have a great trio sound!
Ok, I don't know who this mad woman is, but
my excuse was -- it was Halloween, and I
guess a lot of Holly rubbed off on me -- this
was in Las Vegas at a Halloween Party for
the AmVets there.  They thought I was great!  I
see this picture and reeeeally have to wonder!
This was one of our outings to Deep
Creek Lake in Garrett County, MD.  
We'd usually play a double, setting
up outside during the day and then
playing inside the bar at night.
Dusty & Joyce
Joan & me
Andy in Cannan Valley
Ross & me
Todd & Donna
Jim playing "Lanslide" with us at O'Donnell's
... and with the whole gang!
Lou and I at the Riverbend Lounge
in Falling Waters, WV
Lou & I at Tucker's in Cannan Valley, WV...
At left, with Lou at Shenanigan's in
Leesburg, VA.  And above with Lou and
Mike Mayo at The Green Turtle in Maryland.
I really loved playing
at Tarara.  It was not
only beautiful, but the
people were
wonderful to us there!
Bill Bates -- The River
One of our littlest fans!
Another gig at Tarara... one of
my last in the area!
Sanford Markley, music man extraordinaire!
This was taken during our recording session
for "Now".  He's so talented!  Click on the
picture of he and Lena and go to the Kennedy
Center website, where they have a sound
byte of their 2002 concert!  It's really great!!
Here was our
promo poster for
"Riverbend" with
Ross, Lou and
This was put
together for us
by Mike Fey.
This picture has got a Happy Birthday
written on it, but dated February 18,
1994, so this was probably a birthday
bash for Lou!  This was about the time
we had started playing as Green Lights.
St. Patty's Day,
I'm thinkin'!  ;)
Blasts from the Past...  The early years!
I believe this is 1971.  There wasn't a date on the
picture, but it says "Key" behind me...  
I'm pretty sure this was the talent show at
Francis Scott Key Junior High School.  
I'd say the weight and the hair-do is pretty telling!  =)
College Chums!  Rhimo!!!
Drop me a line and get in
touch... it's been ages!
This was April of 1973, my senior
year!  Get a load of the dress!  You
can certainly tell it was the '70's!!  
Aren't my little brothers just too
cute?  Now the little one has two
little boys of his own about the
same ages as they were then. Oy!
Here's a pic of me and my friend, Doris at a
Postmaster's Convention Hospitality Suite --
I'm rehearsing for an impromtu gathering for
later, of course -- nothing changes!  ;)  
Doris!  Love to hear from you, girl!
California.  The
year my oldest
little brother was
So happy to be
in the school
choir!  Yea!
Me & my cousin Bob saying
goodbye to my sister when she was
leaving for the Air Force.  One of the
hardest moments of my life!  I didn't
know someone got it on camera!!
Christmas for me
was the most
wonderful time of
the year!  I was
well-loved and I
wanted for nothing
and I'll always
remember my early
childhood that way!
They tried to
tell us we're
too young...
Here's the whole
family together on
my Mom & Dad's
50th Wedding
Anniversary, April
27th, 2002.
Clockwise, it's Mom,
Elizabeth (but
everyone calls her
Betty) Dad, Vincent,
Vince, Bill, Marie
and me.  
Here are pics of
my Mom and I
when I was a
toddler and she
was just a
herself, living in
New Mexico.
...and then some day they may recall
we were not too young at all!
This is one of my favorite old photos of my
Mom & Dad together.  They were just a
couple of kids in love!
My mom's sister and my Godmother,
my Aunt Gladys, Emily Toepfer.
She knitted all those doll's clothes you see
behind her herself, btw!
Now she's staying at the Life Care Center here in
Tullahoma, TN.  Born in 1918, she was 93 in
November 2011.
My grandparents, Julia and Antonio
Martin.  We miss you both!
Here a snapshot of them when they were
much younger.  My sister has this
restored and in a wonderful antique
frame in her home.  I think they'd like that!
My younger brother Vinny, with my Dad, Vincent at right, and his
little brother Anthony.  My uncle Tony had a great singing voice!
We miss you too, Uncle Tony!!
My nephews Travis
and Zachary, playing
in the snow in West
Virginia, and the fruits
of all their laboring --
Snowmen on Guard!
My brother Bill, his 1st
wife, Joy and my
nephews, Zachary and
Travis...and  baby
Taylor...  the William
Martin family!
My very favorite picture of
my brother Vince, when
he was little.  Signs of
things to come, huh,
Lise?  :)

Vince & Lise...
Here they both are - recent college graduates:  
my neice Stephanie - on her way to Medical
School,  and Nicholas - with a fab job now in
computer gaming,  in more recent photos!  
How the time does fly!!  
This picture is kind of dark, but I just love it of
Marie and her kids, Stephanie and Nicholas
when they were little...
Here's Marie with the kids and our friend,
Father Henry M. Slevin.  Hank is - last I heard
- still in Vietnam, helping the people in need
over there.  You can see more about him on
his page
"Slevin's Heaven".
Congratulations, Ensign Stephanie
Fofi!  Here she is, getting sworn in by
her Dad, Rick, just himself retired
from a career in the Air Force.  He's
swearing her into the United States
Navy, and she'll be serving after her
med school stint (hence, her white
coat).  Wow!  We're very proud!!!
Happy Silver Anniversary
Marie & Rick
December  1, 1981
December 1, 2006
Some of my best memories were the weekend getaways spent with our good pfriends...
Photos & Family
Stephanie and
me at her college
Married on April 28th, 2007
Here's my Mom & Dad on their 55th Wedding Anniversary!
(Yes! It's a whole Tiramisu! - just for them!!!)  :)
Here are the proud big brothers, Zachary and Travis!  They'll be
helping Mom Joy and  watching out for their new little sister, Taylor!! :)
Well, looooky!!!!!   Taylor's already  
wearing purple and also butterflies, so
Aunt Kathy is VERY pleased!!!! :) :) :)
I had originally intended this space for a different
idea -- but now -- I'd like to dedicate the page to
my Mother, my hero --
Elizabeth (Betty) Ann Martin.  
Click the songbird picture below to see more...
Taylor Allison Martin
Born August 1, 2007
Some old shots of Billy's Family! :)
Joan Kochanski
November 26, 1933 - October 21, 2008
We lost our beloved Joan to ovarian
cancer... she fought the good fight -- a
long and hard battle -- but she left us on
a Tuesday night around 9:30 EST...  

We will miss her joy, her laughter, and
her ability to make us all feel a little
better about ourselves...  the world lost
some of it's goodness that night...  and
gained another guardian angel...

We love you, Aunt Joanie!
Here is my Dad with his
sisters one of the last
times they were all
my Aunt Julie and my
Aunt Joanie...
Vin & Lise
Happy Anniversary!
Vinny & Lise
Married on
April 28th, 2007
Mom & Dad
Married on
April 27th, 1952
My two grandmothers with my mom on
her wedding day....
Elizabeth (Betty) Ann Martin
September 18, 1933 - July 11, 2010
We lost my mom 3 minutes before
midnight on July 11th this year.  
She had fought and beaten both
lung and breast cancers... but liver
cancer never gave her a chance.  
We miss her smiles, her laughter,
her love of life, and how the faith
she had in us made us believe in
ourselves.  We love and miss you
more than you'll ever know, Mom!  
God Bless and Keep You Forever!
8 year old Taylor with a birthday present from
Aunt Kathy and Aunt Marie!
Latest pics of Billy's family...
Bill and Cindy
Zach +
Travis +
Tay with Grandpa
Meme and Pepe with
granddaughter London.
Both Leo and
Lizzie have gone
on now, but we
remember them
fondly every day!
Our other two doggie babies,
who keep us busy and
entertained all the time!  Here
they are in one of their favorite
poses -- asleep on my lap! :)
Now that I'm in Austin with Marie, I'm taking
care of my health and singing a little for
church.  Miss everyone in DC, Maryland,
Virginia, West Virginia, and Tennessee!
Man!  I sure have travelled in my lifetime!! :)
Me in Bangkok, Thailand.  School dance...
Probably 1969.
Some favorite pictures of family.  Going to try
to update as time goes by...
Stephanie and her husband, Keith Claussen,
got married in October of 2015.

They welcomed their son, Jakob Richard Fofi
Claussen on July 25, 2017.  Sooooo cute!
Marie's grandbaby!
Jake is Dad's 1st
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