Memory Lane
Holly & Lou
Holly Garber and Lou Pfrang
Our Dynamic Duo of Comedy
If it isn't Dick Savage himself!  
Holly Garber, musician, funny man, father & friend.
We miss you dearly!
These are 4 pictures from
one wild night at Fatty's in
Rockville, MD
This was
Christmastime at
Durty Nelly's in
Bethesda, MD.  The
years run together,
but they were the
good ol' times,
that's for sure!  All
these pictures were
from the same
night!!  We had some
Here I am with Holly & Lou at a New Years Eve at Durty
Nelly's.  Guess I don't have to tell you which one's Holly!  :)
I took this picture of Holly from the window
of the van while we were gassing up outside
of Davis, WV on the way to the Spelunker's
convention.  See the pretzel in his nose?  :)
If he could get
a laugh, nothing
was too
outrageous for
our Holly!  Here
he is, bringing in
the New Year!!
This was my favorite picture taken with the boys.  We did a
wedding in Potomac, MD and someone snapped a picture from
the mezzanine above us.  I so loved working with them!
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of Frederick, please click
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It was October 31, 1996 when we lost our
beloved Holly to cancer.  It was kind of fitting
that he held on until that day.  Halloween was
his very favorite holiday.  His neighbors were
afraid he might not make it until Christmas
that year.  So all of them put their Christmas
lights out weeks before Halloween in support
of Holly.   A lot of us, when the spooky ghosts
and goblins come a-knocking at our doors,
have a strand of lights somewhere around,
just to say -- "Hiya, Holly!  We miss you,
and we remember you.
If you have any thoughts or picutres you'd like to share
on this page, please email them to me at the address below
and I'll post them for all the old gang to share!
How do YOU remember Holly?
Share your memories, or just make a comment... send it to me and I'll
post it here

I don't know why I did a search on Holly.  Maybe I was just thinking about the old days, around 1970, when 10-15 of us would go down to Mr. Henry's at Tenley Circle to see the John Wells
Delegation.  It was always a great time for us...good food, good drink, and great music!  I always enjoyed watching Holly play the guitar, and the way he interacted with the band and the
people; It was just a lot of fun.  

As time went on I guess the band broke up.  We missed those times of fun and enjoyment, the good music, and the familiar faces.  I always considered Holly to be an outstanding musician
who seemed to really enjoy what he did.  Years later I heard Holly was playing at the Silo Inn.  I took my friend, JB, to see Holly play.  JB and I had a mutual friend by the name of Tim Zetts
who also played a very good guitar.  JB always considered Tim to be the best until he heard Holly play.  It was quite a compliment.  

I'm living in Wisconsin now.  I still think of the old days, and all the fun we had.  JB sent me an email recently letting me know that Tim had passed away.  Maybe that is what triggered my
search?  I can still picture Holly at Mr. Henry's playing the guitar with his microphone stand with his big head of curly hair and a big smile on his face. Some memories never fade.  

Yours Truly,

Ward Burgess  
(received October 6, 2006)
Dear Kathy,
I've never had the pleasure, and I sure don't know how I ever missed you. I grew up in the DC area and saw and listened to Harry, Lou and Holly Garber for about 5 or 6 years in the late 70's
early 80's. In fact, and I don't know if Lou would remember me, but their soundman, Wayne Lebeou (sp) inspired me to get into sound reinforcement, taking a course at "No evil" studios and
honing skills that served me well for a number of  years. I worked with a group called "second Story" (meagan Lane, Geof Demeres and John Previty) for a few years in DC, then made my
way to Southeast Georgia. Worked the board for nearly 15 years here, then got into the Martial Arts and now teach. I am bringing my 15 year old son "back home" to a Redskin game this
weekend, and got online to check out the music scene up there. Thank you for a grand trip down memory lane. The Roundtable, The saloon, The Far Inn, Pour House I
remember going to Bullet games and concerts with Lou and Juan Dudley and on road trips with Harry. I was saddened to hear of Holly's passing. I see that Teddy has a great career going
(remember him as a toddler, dang!)
Anyway, I hope to hear you when I get back there,and meet you in person.
   All the best
Frank Armani
(received December 7, 2006)
After Holly & Lou, I played with Lou as "Green Lights" and then
as "The River", with Lou and Bobby Flurie.  
These are their Bios from our "Band" days:
Get Bobby's CD by
clicking on this link
Bobby Flurie has a blues man’s soul within a country rock
and roll spirit.  He’s a guitar man extraordinaire, and Lou and
Kathy are so happy to work with him.

Now based out of Hagerstown, Bobby was raised in the
Baltimore, Maryland area.  He’s been playing for audiences for 29
years, 22 of those while he lived in San Francisco, California.  An
all-around artist, he studied music at the Peabody conservatory,
and his travel and roadwork experience throughout Canada and
the US has showcased his work on
guitar, lead vocals, backup vocals, electric bass and songwriting.  
He’s recorded 24 albums with various artists and also has
experience as an audio technician and recording engineer.

To get an idea of just how much stage and concert work Bobby
has done, take a look at the impressive list of other artists Bobby
has either performed with on stage or been on the same bill with:

Hoo Doo Rhythm Devils, Country Joe and the Fish, Brother and
the Holding Company, Gary Lewis and the Playboys, Huey Lewis,
Eddie Money, Boz Skaggs, Clarence Clements, Charlie Daniels,
Pointer Sisters, Elvin Bishop, The Doobie Brother, Journey,
Jessie Collin Young, Van Morrison, Tom Fogerty, Steve Miller
Band, John Lee Hooker, The Greatful Dead, Neville Brothers,
Santana, Jefferson Airplane, Gregg Alman, Paul Butterfield…  the
list goes on.  Wow!

He was asked to help kick off the Western Maryland Blues Fest in
June of 1999, performing with his own “The Bob Flurie Band”,
along with Kathleen McLaughlin and Tim Lawrence.  In the last
few years, when he isn’t on the road or playing locally with “The
River”, Bobby does occasional work as a sign painter.  He’s very
much your talented Renaissance Man, basically excelling in
anything he’s interested in.  

The San Francisco Examiner once said of Bobby in a review, “…a
remarkably melodic, and yet competitive, guitarist; he sings on
his strings.”  Yep.  You should hear him sing!
Lou Pfrang was born in Jersey City, New Jersey, but
spent most of his childhood in Cumberland, Maryland.  He
started his musical career right out of high school, playing in
bands with Ross Firey and Harry Traynham.

In the late 70’s, very early 80’s, he formed a 6-piece, cowboy-
boots-and-cowboy-hats country band called “Brahma”.  They
played in the DC area and were the house band for Bronco
Billy’s in Georgetown.  Lou, always striving for the best
without losing the pfun, played the best Country Music on the
East Coast!

When Brahma split up, he teamed up with Holly Garber, and
musical comedy history was made!  Holly & Lou had a
following in the Metropolitan area that would travel to the
ends of the earth for them!  Often compared to The Smothers
Brothers, they perfected their novelty style, performing all their
“stupid stuff”greatest hits like “The Mailman Song”, “The
Doggie Song”, “One Ton Tomato”, “Bathroom on the Right”,
and many other classics!  “Take Me Down to the Keys,” a
favorite sing-along, can still be heard at a Frederick Keys
game during the 7th inning stretch.  They were the dynamic
duo for 11 years.   It was a
Pfun era!  (We miss you, Holly!)

Lou started performing with Ross Firey again in the early 90’
s.  They called themselves “Riverbend”, named for Lou’s
place at the river, and they played area venues from Canaan
Valley to Ocean City, Maryland.  Kathy Martin started sitting in
from time to time.

Also during this time for about a year, Lou hosted his own
radio show at a small local station out of Brunswick, MD.  
WTRI-1520AM was a learning experience for Lou, and gave
him the bug to someday try his hand at serious
broadcasting.  He was known as the “Pfishin’ Musician”, and
by featuring local talent, he created the incredible chance to
meet other local musicians while giving them their hard-
earned opportunity for exposure.  
Unfortunately, the station didn’t survive.  But those who
listened to Lou’s show said that, besides being really
entertaining, it was THE BEST place to hear our local artists.

When Ross moved on, Lou and Kathy started playing duo
jobs, slowly adding various players along the way, until Lou
came up with “The River”.  With anyone they may have
worked with, the core of Lou and Kathy was strong and
based on a lot of years together.

Lou started the LP Fishing Guide Service, and was very
successful!  Fishing was like breathing to Lou!  So with his
wife, Cathianna, and their kids, Will and Caroline, and the
other member of the family, Jerry the cat, his night work in
music, and his “day job” going fishing – Lou Pfrang
was definitely “having his cake and eating it too!”  I'm not sure
what Lou is doing right now, but music and fishing is
probably high on his priority list!
Bobby Flurie & Lou Pfrang
For anyone trying to get in touch with Ted Garber,
Holly's son, here's his scoop:
This page has pictures of the
ol' Holly & Lou days.  
Reminisce & Enjoy!
This is a recording of me
and the boys back in 1986...
Click this link to listen to
"The Ballad of Johnny and Dick"!
Hey Kathy:

I was just listening to Holly sing "Good Bye" on my only recording of the John Wells Delegation when I just found out about his passing. I used to hear the Delegation play at Mr. Henry's and I
can honestly say that in all my years of traveling and hearing music, no band has ever moved me as much as the John Well Delegation. Back then, I would always expect that they would
soon become famous and I had better see them while you could still see them for free at Mr. Henry's. If you have any information about John Wells I'd be grateful. It's a shame we will never
have a reunion.
Thanks for the Web Page,

Lou Mandris M.D.
(received July 20, 2007)
Click this link to hear a recording of
...I used to come and listen to you, and Holly and Lou at Dunmore's Tavern in Bethesda - not sure if it is even still standing... To this day I cannot go and listen to live music without hoping I
will see a group that will compare to you guys.  No one has ever compared.  You guys were the best.  

I still think of you all today.  I will never forget "Isn't that What Friends Are For?" and your awesome voice.  I went to a reunion of Rockville friends up in Boulder a few years ago and the girl who
was hosting the party (Nicki) had a collage hanging in a frame on the wall outside her bathroom.  The collage had picture of you and Holly and Lou singing away at Mr. T's!  I was like HEY!!!!  
HOW DO YOU KNOW THEM???!!!  We spent the rest of the evening reminiscing about all the fun we'd had over the years enjoying your music... I still wonder about how old Holly's boys must
be by now and if either of them followed in their father's musical footsteps.  I also remember one of the last times I saw Lou.  He had a picture of his little one sitting in an old washtub - I
think he must have been only about a year old.   Where has the time gone?!!  

Janet Peters
(excerpt, received August 3, 2007)
Dear Km,

Where do I begin?  I was going through some old record albums and came across one that brought back so many memories.  The cover was The John Wells Delegation, along with mural
types of pictures of the band members and on the back was a wild looking guitarist, with a Halloween mask.  I believe the album was titled " One of these Days" The guy in the mask, I
remember him well was Holly. ( Great, Unbelievable guitarist )  I showed my wife the album, embedded in hundreds of old vinyls and we recalled all of the fun we had at Mr. Heney's, on
Wisconsin Ave, Washington D. C., back in the early to mid-1970's.  Mr Henry's, at that Tenleytown address, had a cosy atmosphere and every Saturday, my wife and I would split a sandwich,
called a " Breadboard"-great stuff, corn beef, swiss, pumper-nickel, and slaw,along with 1,000 island dressing.  One night this local group came out to play.  The group consisted of John
Wells, Holly Garber, Tom Murtha and Ben Mason.  That's all it took.  We rarely miss a show and I believe that the group played a bar called the Child Harold, in D.C. as well.

I am heading out today, to buy a turntable, ( hard to find one, these days) so I can here some the old stuff.  The first album will be the " Delegation."  Anyway, I never attended a Holly and Lou  
concert, but I think i saw both of them on the "Today" show sometime ago. ( Sorry I miss your group performing, I think we started having kids and time became extinct.)

Now that my wife and I are empty-nesters, we have time to clean out old closets, and re-capture our great memories of yester- year.

I am sorry to hear Holly passed away, his Son looks just like him.  I am glad to have seen those guys perform and feel blessed to have obtained the old record album..  Can't wait to re-visit
that music....

Russ Root - Poolesville, Maryland
(received August 26th,2007)

I was so pleased to stumble across your website--I was googling the lyrics to "Isn't That What Friends are For?" and there you were!

I was an old Holly & Lou groupie from their days at Griff's Landing in Frederick, MD, back in the 80's (I think you might have sat in a time or two also!).  Once you heard them, you never forgot
them, and they were every bit as devoted to their fans as we were to them.  I was heartbroken to find out we'd lost Holly back in 1996 when I came home for a visit.  I consider my life all the
richer for having had the opportunity to know them and enjoy the gifts they brought to us all.   

Most sincerely,
Kelly Stephens
Salisbury, MD
(received October 11, 2007)
I've got plenty of space for any of those great pics I
KNOW you must have stashed somewhere!  Why
not share them with all the old gang!!  Scan 'em
and send 'em to me and I'll post 'em here.  Or if
you can't scan them, send me an email and I'll
give you the address to send 'em to and I
PROMISE to get them back to you!  Make sure to
send me your return address!! :)
Thomas Hollingsworth Garber
One of my last memories of Holly was a visit to him at his house late in October of '96.  He was
not quite his lively self by then, but still managing a smile.  :)  He asked me to sing these two
songs when Lou and I were out and about... and since we're not singing together anymore, and
I'm not really singing too many songs other than my own these days, I just feel I'm really letting
him down! :(  So with Karen's kind permission, I'm posting them here, for all to listen to -- in case
you've never heard them, or in case you'd like to hear 'em again and again!  
This might still be a way for me to "sing" them for him!  :) :) :)
So here's Holly Garber!  
.....................Kathy Martin
The Connection
Holly told me the greatest story
about swimming with dolphins
down in Key West... he said that if
you EVER get the chance to do it -
DO IT.  He said it was the most
amazing experience of his life! :)
Sun & Moon
To this day, I can't wake up on a day
when the moon is still in the sky in the
morning and not think of Holly because
of this amazing song...  I will ALWAYS
think of him on those beautifully, bright
days.......  Miss you, Holly!
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Anyone trying to get in touch
with Lou -- here's his email
Anyone trying to get in touch with
Bobby -- here's his email address:
Lou Pfrang and Bobby Flurie are currently playing and singing around the Frederick, Maryland area, so check the
local listings for venues, dates and times!  And Lou's and Bobby's email addresses are listed below if you want to
drop them a line...

I was just sitting here at work and decided to "google" Holly Garber's name.  Much to my pleasant surprise your website came up first.  It's been a long time and we miss the days of old.  We
spent many nights at "The Occoquan Inn" or "Rhiannons" listening to you all play some great music.  My husband, Mitch, and I were groupies back then.  I met Holly in 1984, he played at my
cousin's wedding reception in Elkins, WV and we followed him to Blackwater Falls later that night.  I lived in Woodbridge, VA at the time, so we became HUGE fans and stayed with you all for
years.  We even had t-shirts with "Holly and Lou, looking good on you" lettered on the front.  I have got to pull out the old pictures and send them to you.  I have VHS tapes of Holly on "You
Can Be A Star" and the cassettes from Dunmore's Tavern.  We often break out in "Pfriends" or "You Look So Good On Me" in my living room.  Those were great days!

I work for WV Radio in Elkins and some of my coworkers still have 45's of Holly's music.  But most importantly, I want to "Thank You" for putting a smile on my face today, it was so nice to
see you again if only on a webpage.

Warmest regards,

Sue Reece
Advertising Executive
WV Radio Corp of Elkins
Washington & West Davis St.
Elkins, WV 26241
phone 304-636-1300
fax 304-636-2200
(received January 22, 2008)
Major congratulations and kudos go out to Kennedy,
Holly's youngest son, who's now a married man!  
(We love ya! - Best wishes to you and Samantha!!)
Hi Kathy,

I was looking for a web page about Holly Garber to link to from my website and found your page about him.  In 1974 he recorded two songs I wrote on a 45 rpm record under the name
"Herbie Angell" at JRB Sound Studios in Bethesda, MD.  John R. Burr played most of the instruments and arranged and produced the songs.  I've tried to locate John and haven't found
contact information for him.  

What I remember during the recording is that Holly had difficulty with all the words in my song "Parapsychology Congress Stomp and Romp."  You will understand why when you listen to the
song.  The end result, though, was great.  You can listen to the two songs on my website at  I've been in contact with Ted Garber
and have let him know about the page as well.


David Savage
Vienna, VA
(received 3/17/08)

I listened to both songs -- what a treat!  :)  Kinda like the lost recordings of Holly Garber... :) :) :)  Thanks so much for sharing this with us, Daivd!!  Everyone -- just click on the website link to go
to David's website and listen to Holly singing back in the 70's!  :) Kathy
Hi Kathy

Stumbling through both my memories and the Internet, I came across your page after I ran a Google search for Holly Garber. Paraphrasing the old John Prine lyric, it’s a name I’ve
remembered so many times my memories are worn.

But I’ve never really forgotten. As an underage teenager back in DC (the legal age was only 18 then, so you get the drift), my friends and I used to regularly fake our way into Mr. Henry’s on
Tenley Circle to catch the John Wells Delegation do their thing.

Each member stood out, but as we were budding guitarists, Holly was always the main draw for us. We must have seemed like snotty nosed kids to him, but his kindness and patience
with our glomming onto him and the band represented something puzzlingly permanent and positive.

Performers often speak highly of the appreciative fan, but fans also take away something from their idols if there’s a real connection.

SO, so sad to read of his way too short and remarkable life. His playing inspired me and the gang even though we had other ‘contemporary’ gifted players in our midst like Carl Peachey and
Joel Harrison – tremendous talents who still make waves today. FYI, my usual accomplice in underage delinquency was Dalton Potter, who now runs the highly regarded Potter Violin shop
in Bethesda. I moved to Seattle in ’85 to be a big fish in a smaller pond, and took all the ‘free’ music lessons from the mid1970s with me from the likes of Holly and the three others in the

I can still hear their 4-part harmonies in covers like Feel a Whole Lot Better, Helplessly Hoping, and Patriot Game, and I can still picture Ben with his broken arm still drumming along. John
didn’t seem to appreciate us all that much, but the other 3 were happy to accept our admiration.

(I also recall getting bounced out once with an older friend who tried to challenge a very large bouncer into letting me in … quite unsuccessfully.

As a geezer of 53 now, with two musically gifted kids of my own, I take the passage of time as slow as possible. Nothing taken for granted. It’s people like Holly that create lasting
impressions – much, much further than you could imagine I suppose.

Thanks for the opportunity for me to jot this down in honor of an exceptional guitarist.

All the best,

Eric Amrine
Seattle, WA
(received September 30, 2008)

I don't know what made me Google "Holly & Lou," but your website sure did bring back some memories. I used to see those guys all the time. I think my first Holly & Lou show was at the Silo
Inn, and I saw many shows at Fatty's and at least one place in D.C. (can't remember where), and I even saw them at Deep Creek Lake once (or maybe that was just Lou).  Anyway, I had
heard rumors that Holly had passed away, and I'm sorry to hear that it's true. I had no idea it was so long ago. I've been living in Colorado for over 10 years now, and I've never come across
another act that even comes close to Holly and Lou - those guys were the best (and yes, I do remember you joining them in later years). Every New Year's, I still think of "Holly Lou Year" at
Fatty's and remember what a blast it was. I really wish my wife had been able to enjoy them with me, but by the time we got together, I guess Holly was already gone.

Rob Wignall
Parker, CO
(received December 1, 2008)
Hi Kathy,

I used to go hear Holly and Lou frequently at Dunmore's, Fatty's, Country Junction, and even their recording session at the A.L. hall in Bethesda.  Now I read on your site about Holly's passing
12 years ago and can't believe it.  They (and you btw) provided so much happiness for so many.  OK, maybe it was mostly the same people week after week and that speaks highly at your
entertainment skills.  I also saw you and Lou at Tarara some years ago.  The music was awesome and it was touching that Lou still recognized me as one of their many loyal fans.

My heart felt sympathies on the health challenges you are facing.  I don't know much about MS but a good friend has Type 1 DM and it is one of the most insidious diseases around.  Perhaps
one of the good things that will come out of the current administration is a focus on coming up with an effective treatment if not a cure?

Thank you, too, for posting a link to "Pfriends."  It made the memories even stronger.  I realized years ago that the set of H/L tapes and one of yours as well, had been lost.  I periodically
search the web looking for copies available for sale and it was that search which got me to your site.  

Thanks again, for the music, the laughs, and the memories.

Warmest regards,

Bob Tobias
(received February 20, 2009)

Thanks for your website and for the memorial of Holly on it. Don't know why, but I found myself remembering times long ago (Summer of '85) when I was a young student from California doing
research in Bethesda, MD (at NIH) and my friends and I would go to Dunnmore's Tavern to see Dick Savage and Johnny Bristol play. God! they were so funny and so talented! Holly and Lou
were so entertaining with their corny jokes, their parodies of popular songs, and just all the fun they had together. Plus, they were amazingly talented musicians. You always knew it was going
to be a good time. Plus, they always had a surprise or two in store each time.

My favorite songs were "Redneck Girl", "The Rodeo Song", "Isn't That What Friends Are For", "Mack the Knife" and "The Mailman Song". God, those were fun songs to sing and listen to, and
they were done so well by Holly and Lou...and you (I think you were a guest singer back then...along with a guy they always referred to as "Aldo Cella"). Just thinking about those times puts a
big grin on my face!

I'm sorry to hear about the loss of Holly. He was such a dynamic spirit, and the epitome of someone who just loved life!! His laughter, silly jokes, and energy still remain with me even after 23
years have passed! I miss him, as I know you and Lou do, even though I was only an audience member. Holly and Lou helped create some fond and wonderful memories for me.

I have an old tape somewhere of a live recording of Holly and Lou at Dunnmore's. Have to find it, dust it off, and play it...and see if I can bring back those old memories of great laughter with
wonderful friends. I raise my glass.... and toast to you, Holly.

Robert Lim
San Jose, CA
(received March 10, 2009)
And now a MySpace Place to find Lou too!
Here's the link:
Ted and Sydney!

My name is Mary.  Back in the day I was known as "Pookie."  My friends and I were big John Wells Delegation fans and listened to them for years at Mr. Henry's and Reading Gaol.  I became
close friends with Holly and remembered when Rex, the owner of the Reading Gaol, introduced Holly and Karen.  They were inseparable.  

I was in my teens at the time, knew all the bartenders at both places and it didn't hurt that Rex, owner of Reading Gaol and I "dated" for many years.  I also worked for a long time at The
Round Table Restaurant as a server and remember Cal and Billy well.

I just heard one of my favorite songs, Bridge Over Troubled Waters, and saw Tom up on stage singing his beautiful version of the song with just a spotlight on him.  It brings back such great

Holly talked to me often and expressed his worries that I was so young to be in such a rough environment and that I should be tending to school and such.  I told him I had no home really
and that these people and places were my home.  He was concerned also about my relationship with Rex who was 13 years my senior.  I will never forget one night after the Reading Gaol
closed, Holly and I went for a walk around the tidal basin and talked for hours.  This was before he met Karen and I was so touched that his intentions were only for my safety and well being.  
We held hands as friends and he talked to me for hours about how beautiful I was inside and out and what a life I could have if I would only get out of the rat race of the bars.  I cried, he held
me, and we sat and watched the sun come up.  

I will never forget it.  I am now 53 and it is one of the most vivid and wonderful memories of my life.  He had no hidden sexual agenda and, believe me if he had, I would have succumbed.  But
he was just a kind and loving human being and saw the child in me and was just trying to guide and reassure me.

What a wonderful and compassionate and beautiful human being he was.  He lives on in my memories and always will.  I will never forget him, that night and the talk we had.  

I had many other wonderful times following John Wells Delegation around with my friends and was great friends with Ben and Tom also.  John, well, not so much. LOL!

Anyway, just wanted to share this story and tell Holly - I love you and miss you and think of you often.  You were a shooting star, a bright shining light of laughter and love and you touched my
soul.  I have no doubt you are still playing, probably with many little children around, making them laugh until their parents come to join them.

I love and miss you Holly Garber!


(received May 12, 2009)
Hi.  Not sure if this is still your e-mail.   I decided to google JWD and found your website.

It all started in the mid 70's I guess when I lived near the Washington Zoo and started going to the Far Inn to see Veazey Street Band with John Harbison and later Harbison Bond and
Goddard and so on.   I guess around that time I discovered the John Wells Delagation.   I believe I heard them at the Far Inn and then at Mr. Henry's and not sure where else.  I never knew the
guys in the band but I loved the music.    I had their album but it somehow got lost in my fathers divorce a million years ago.

I would LOVE to get a copy of this if you have any suggestions.   I e-mailed Ted Garber awhile back but he didn't have a copy.

If you know how I can get one, please e-mail me at:

My boyfriend is in a band and I hear live music every single weekend.    Couldn't live without it.


(received August 12, 2009)

How 'bout it?  Anyone out there with a copy of a John Wells Delagation album you can share?  Get in touch with Jane!
Thanks!  Kathy
Ted Garber is releasing a
full-length studio album on
Friday, Sept. 11, 2009 at the
Old Brogue in historic Great
Falls, VA.  The show starts at
9pm and is fre and open to the
public.  This album marks the
sixth release in Garber's
discography, but he's treating
as a debut release for his
budding career as a national
touring recording artist.
Ted Garber  "American Rail"   CD RELEASE PARTY
Found your site this am, brings back good memories, thanks.  I was Holly's neighbor.   My memory of him is as a father to his boys and an entertainer who would unwind the stress of anyone
attending his shows.  He would also come home late after performing and walk across the street to my open garage and visit with me in the early hours reviewing the events of his
performance.  One night we stood in the drive way listening to a cat bird sitting in a tree making strange sounds.  He was a good friend and father.  
Tim Myers
(received August 29, 2009)
I did not know him well.  But I worked at Mr.. Henry’s when I was going to American University.  Loved the band and thought they were so talented.  Followed them around a bit with the gang at
Henry’s.  Do you remember Reading Gaol downtown?

Whatever happened to the rest of the band?  Where are they now?   Is there anyway to get a video of the entire band singing any of the great numbers they did back in the late 60’s early 70’s?

I did see Holly with his wife one day (long blonde hair) and heard later that they had a son.  Is that correct?  I do think about those days, those magical days so much.  As we get older it’s fun to
think back and recall.

Were you a relative of Holly’s or a good friend?  It’s obvious you loved him very much.  An old fan, now living in Florida

(received September 5, 2009)

Hi Jeanne!

I performed with Holly in a group he was in after the John Wells Delegation... Holly & Lou had a following that would travel from the mountains of West Virginia all the way down to the Keys! :)  
Holly and his wife Karen had 2 sons, Ted and Kennedy, both now grown, married, and Kennedy just had a baby of his own!!  Ted just recently released his own CD - he's an incredibly talented

As far as recordings or videotape of the band, the answer is no.  I don't have any access to anything from the JWD days, and from what I understand, neither does Ted.  You might find someone
from the "old days" willing to share.... I can put your email address in with your note to post on the site in case anyone wants to get in touch. :)

We do miss Holly, and as Halloween approaches, we all think about him even more.  Especially on those "sun and moon" days... when you wake up, and still see the moon in the sky, tho' the
sun's up.  I still think of him then!!! :)

Thanks for the note.  Let me know if you'd like me to post it with your email address.  Take care!


Yes, Kathy, thanks for responding.  If anyone has a tape or even the music with their voices (JWD) I would pay to have a duplicate made.   I am very nostalgic and would love to communicate
with anyone who knew the band and heard them when in DC.  Thanks again, and take good care of yourself.  
Jeanne (an old hippie)
(received September 9, 2009)

So how 'bout it?  Anyone out there that can share with Jeanne?  I've posted her email address above -- if you've got some JWD to share, please get in touch with her! :)
"Holly thoughts" start here:
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Class Hero" CD.
Information on
Roger Henderson
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Roger Henderson
1951 - 2011
Thank you Roger, for the music and the memories.

You will be missed.
Hello,   I remember the boy's from 1972 at Mr. Henry's I would work the lights for them on occasion. We played football against them a few times on the weekend. I lost track of the guys moved
to California. I found my way back to DC and looked up Holly and my girlfriend (now wife) would see Holly & Lou at Dirty Nellie's. The world lost a great man far too early.  His smile would light
up a room. I miss my friend.

                                                                                                                                                                                                            Chris (Nichols)
(Received  June 2, 2012)
Thanks for the memories!


Thanks for bringing back the memory of Lou and Holly.  I lived in Elkins WV when Holly brought his act to the mountains  We loved going to see Holly and then Holly
and Lou, and got to know Karen and the kids.  My wife actually taught Ted in the 2nd grade while he was in Elkins.  We now live in Winchester, VA and had lost track of
the family after Holly's passing.

Earlier this week I saw a poster downtown advertising upcoming acts at Barns of Rose Hill over in Clarke County and there it was, Ted Garber's name in headlines.  I
knew in an instant that it was Holly's son and after a little follow up, I see that he has had a very successful musical career of his own.  Good for him and great for us
that we get to see and hear from this talented family!

Thanks again.

Mark and Betsy Kelly
Winchester, VA
(Received August 24, 2012)
Hi Kathy.  We saw Ted Garber at a festival last year and I just recently decided to check to see if there was anything on the web about Holly and Lou.  My wife and I
probably saw them at least a half dozen times back in the 80's in locations like Fatty's in Rockville, Mr. T's in Olney (both long gone), and other Montgomery County
bars whose names I can no longer remember.  Their shows always made for a great evening and we loved to bring friends along that had never heard them before.

Somehow, I managed to get my hands on a cassette of the Live at Dunmore's (from their Rockville Pike tour) that we played over and over in the car.  The tunes were
much to the liking of our pre-teen children.  In fact, we took our 12 year old to a show at Mr. T's and Holly announced a "kid alert" so the show was toned then just a
bit.  Nonetheless, my boys now in their 30's, probably still can sing the Mailman Song and One Ton Tomato.

Thanks for the web site and the memories!

Jeff Lowe
Gaithersburg, MD
(Received August 2, 2013)

Hi Kathy,

I did a google search for Holly Garber and found your website... I knew Holly many years ago when he was in Elkins, WV.  A lot of people remember Holly from his days
in Elkins.  I have a jukebox in my living room and I have a copy of "You Look So Good On Me", I happened to play it today and mentioned it on facebook. I had a
number of responses from friends and fans, I still work for the radio station here in town where I used to play his music.  I even went to some of his shows and recorded
songs which I later aired on the radio. On one he ended the song with W-D-N-E you look so good on me... It's sad that we lost him so young, but I see his son is
following in his dad's footsteps.

Thanks for the memories,

Roger Taylor
West Virginia Radio Corp. of Elkins


Washington Ave & West Davis St.
P.O. Box 1337
Elkins, WV 26241
Phone: (304) 636-1300 - Ext. 457
Fax:      (304) 636-2200

(Received March 3, 2014)
RIP Rebecca.  
You are missed!
I remember, fondly, going to Mr. T's in Olney, Maryland to see Holly! John was there, too! I absolutely loved those days. I looked so forward to seeing him. He always
made me smile/laugh! Later came Holly & Lou. Lou singing "When the Sharks Bite"! Years later at a friend's wedding Holly was there as the performer/DJ!! Still think
about him and it always brings a smile to my face!! Miss you Holly!

Very Fondly, Tammy Devers Nees

eceived June 5, 2016)
Kennedy's Clan!  :)
I remember discovering Holly Garber at Mr. T's Sandwich Factory next to the Silo Inn around 1978.  His guitar playing, humor, originality, and irreverence fascinated me,
and I went back there quite a few times just to experience him again.  Towards midnight he would do a hysterical version of "Swing Low Sweet Chariot" with audience
members acting out the lyrics for the hearing impaired.  Then, after he was behind the Halloween mask things got really raucous. It was   entertainment at its best, with
no holds barred.

I had an album of his but it seems to have disappeared from my vinyl collection.  It had a song on it called "Johnny Walker Red", and maybe one called "You Look So
Good on Me".

I never saw Holly at Griff's Landing, but ate there several times, and worked for a few years with John Griffis's brother Jerry.

I also used to frequent Mister Henry’s at Tenley Circle to hear a duo called “Bubble and Squeak”, who did a lot of John Prine songs back when they were new.    

Roger Bolton.

(received October 18, 2016)
Boy, Kathy  -  found this site by looking for the"Pfriends" song.  I am listening to some LPs tonight reading about Emmylou Harris on the net.  
Holly popped into my head. I will put up the Christmas lites tomorrow for one night.

Tim Myers, Perryville, MD.

(received October 30, 2016)