Being in the Washington DC region for over 20 years and knowing there were two
(2) other Kathy Martins singing besides me in the area, I always wondered just
exactly how many of us there were around.  After hearing from another Kathy
Martin from New Jersey, I thought it might be fun to start a page dedicated to finding
out just how many of us there really are out there.  So, I've started surfing, and
when I’ve found someone with an interesting website or found an interesting listing
of a person who’s name happens to be Kathy Martin, I’ve added the link (where I
could) to the page here, just for the fun of it.  Let me just say that not all of the links
I found would link up through my website - I'm not sure why - but if the link is not
highlighted, then copy and paste it into your internet browser if you would like to
visit that particular Kathy Martin's page information.  That seems to work!  
Otherwise, just click the links and then hit your back button to get back to the Kathy
Martin page.  
I think I’ll try to say the STATE from which they hail first to maybe build some sort of
tracking system later.  And the musicians or musically/artistically-relevant will be
highlighted in
This should be fun!!  Let's see where THIS goes!!!  :)
Tennessee/Texas – Well – there’s ME!  
Washington, DC -- The first other Kathy Martin I should mention is the one I rivaled for more
than 20 years in the Washington area.  I heard incredible things about her every where I went
but never managed to meet her in all that time.  We were always playing at the same time
“up the road” or in the next town, or even in the same place the next night!  She was with The
Hubcaps (pictured here) for a number of years and is now fronting the Hot Rods, at least the
last I heard. http://www.sidneysmusic.com/vocal/nostalgia1.htm  (Although here’s a link I
found from something from 2004 that has her returning with the Hubcaps)
New Jersey -- This lady found me!  She’s a performer and writer just like me, and plays sax, just like the
lady above, and she's named
Kathy Martin.  Imagine that!  We exchanged emails and she suggested this
page.  I had been thinking about it already, but since she thought it was a good idea, I thought I’d go ahead
with it!  She loves butterflies too!  Check out her entire photo page!
California -- I found a kmartin9999 who broadcasts with “Acoustic Pie” on Live365.com, a really cool website
I found that you can join and listen to hundreds of internet stations.  Great listening!  I love the choices of
music – but then, why wouldn’t I?  Now, technically, this isn’t a Kathy Martin.  Her name is Kelley Martin, but
when I saw the kmartin as the DJ, I couldn’t resist, and besides – I LOVE THIS STATION!  So check it out if
you get a chance!  
And here’s Kelley’s website for Acoustic Pie: http://www.acousticpie.com/
Louisiana -- This page has sound bytes and gives a musical credit to Kathy Martin, who apparently plays sax
as well as several other instruments.  The first URL is the page I found.  The second is the “home page” which
is apparently her entire music catalog.  We hope you fared well through Katrina & Rita, Kathy!  http://www.ucs.
Wisconsin – Mrs. Kathy Martin, Music Education Specialist, teaches all different grades of students at the Whittier Elementary School
in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin, home of the Wildcats!    http://www.kusd.edu/schools/whittier/music/template.html
Pennsylvania – I found another music teacher!  This Kathy Martin is not only teaching at the Twin Valley Bible
Academy in Narvon, PA, but she runs the handbell and singing choirs as well.  
Canada – (I couldn’t resist) I have no idea what this is, but it looks like some really interesting music.  
Newfoundland Music to be exact  – seems Native Indian, somehow... but there’s a reference to “Learned from
the singing of
Kathy Martin” so.... :)   http://www.tidespoint.com/music/miawpukek1.shtml
Tennessee – Well, there’s apparently another Kathy Martin who’s musically inclined in Murfreesboro, just
down the road a piece from me here in Tullahoma, teaching at the Do Re Mi Gospel Music Academy.  
Virginia -- The Kathy Martin mentioned in this article is in the Theatre – Props, to be exact.  She could be in Virginia, she
could be in Oregon, it’s hard to say just from the article, but I thought it was interesting that yet another Kathy Martin was in
the Washington area at one time with the rest of us!  
I don't know if this is the same person, but I think it might be so we'll count these 2 as 1:
Virginia – As the Virginia Stage Company’s Properties Manager, this Kathy Martin has a great job!  One that I think I’d
love!!  She looks for props for stage shows.  Check this link out!
Oklahoma – I love arts & crafts!  Here’s a Kathy Martin with a wonderful project she demonstrated on
a DIY show with Carol Duvall.  Pictures and all!  Fun!!

OK - From here on, the musical/artistic thing is a bit of a stretch...  
but interesting -- these Kathy Martins definitely ARE!
Colorado – I thought this was really interesting...  Kathy Martin designed and maintains this
webpage for the S. Christa McAuliffe Elementary School.  I don’t know if it’s on purpose that
her name appears on the page that mentions Art & Music.   :)
Florida – This Kathy Martin is the Food Editor for the Miami Herald.  She co-wrote a cook book... now, I might
be on a perpetual diet, but -- you know, food... ‘nuff said!  :)   
and this is an article from today (12/29/05) by Kathy that caught my eye because of the title:  Guava- Voom!  
Sounded sorta like Zza Zza Zoom!  Right guys?  Anyway, We’ll see if we can link to this:
TEXAS - KATHY MARTIN - I am the one that has been doing aura photos and readings for over 13 years.  It is
amazing what can be seen in an aura - health issues, future babies, romance, life purpose & more - this is
because our energy field holds information about us. I have been to over 33 states with my $10,000 camera &
speak at conferences about the Power of Color in the home, wardrobe,  in the aura, healing & in one's life.  I quit
my real estate job to do this work because it is emotionally rewarding even though less rewarding financially.  I
once told a 75 year old man I saw a future baby in his aura - he laughed - but less than one year later he was the
proud birth father of a beautiful baby girl!  
Besides aura photos I have been doing interior design consultations, clutter busting & Feng Shui for about 30
years & work with clients while going to other states to do aura photos.  Auras & interior design are related - they
are both about energy.  I have several books that I have been writing for several years.  
This Kathy Martin can be reached at 409-370-0037.
Pennsylvania – This Kathy Martin is a math & science teacher at the
Greenwood Friends School, a Quaker School, in Millville, PA.
California – This Kathy spells her name with an "ie" - but she's made the page too! :)   Kathie Martin is spokeswoman for Apple Valley,
CA, which is apparently near Victorville, which believe it or not, I have heard of!  That’s not far from where I used to live in California... in
a previous life!!  :)

I recently got this email from Kathie - so here's an update to this listing! :)
Just found your website – too funny!  Know what else is funny? In my time as spokesperson for the Town of Apple Valley, CA, I’ve received two separate
inquiries asking me if I’m Kathy Martin, of Kathy Martin and the Hubcaps, and thanks to your site I now know who that is!

So, I’m Kathie Martin, spokesperson.  Our website is
www.applevalley.org.  I’m also past president and current PR Chair of the Rotary Club of Apple Valley at
www.applevalleyrotary.com and in June was honored as Rotarian of the Year!  So it would be cool if you wanted to update your page to reflect that.

I’ve only been a Martin for 7 years, but glad to know I’m in such good company. :)
New York – This was pretty neat!  Kathy Martin set a world record for the 50-54 age
groups of road runners!  http://www.nyrrc.org/race/2004/r0212x01.htm
and an in-depth interview at
Colorado – Imagine my complete amazement when I realized that this Kathy Martin raises her own goats
on her Wynham Farms so she has the wool to spin herself and make Angora sweaters!  Very interesting!
Virginia – I can’t believe there’s yet another Kathy Martin in the Washington DC area, but here she is!  And
get this Bill & Margy!  She’s a member of the Sailing Club of Washington!  What a small world we do live
in, huh?
New York -- I found this one:  http://www.netwrx1.net/CherryAmes/kathymartin.html
This is apparently a series of books from the 60's with a lead character named
Kathy Martin!  The author(s)
are also known for their series with Cherry Ames.  Their real names are Helen Wells and Julie Tatham.  I
thought it was kind of cool that a series character’s name was Kathy Martin!  She’s a student nurse who
apparently sleuths on the side.  My love of books and mysteries just couldn’t resist!
Oregon – This Kathy Martin isn’t a musician, but I thought it was interesting:  A retired
professional golfer.  Now that’s really weird to me because one of my best friends in college went
on the semi-pro golf circuit, and I used to play a few holes in high school myself!  Here’s this
Kathy’s site page:  

This IS pretty interesting!  I will be perusing the web and adding Kathy Martins as I find them!
If you are a Kathy Martin and would like to add your link to this page, or if you’ve found an
interesting “Kathy Martin” website or link, send me an email and let me know.
I’ll be happy to add it to the mix!  Also, if it looks like I've found YOU but I might have the info
wrong - let me know.  I'm happy to make any updates necessary!  
Let’s see how many of us there really are out there!!
This is the Land of Kathy Martins
I've Looked High and Low,
Searched Near and Far,
So Come Out, Come Out, Where Ever You Are...
I Just May Have Found YOU!
Colorado – This Kathy Martin is involved with a church youth group and... move
over Jim Hensen... puppets!  Cool Christian Critters, to be exact!  Pretty neat!
Louisiana -- This is the beautiful website of Kathy L. Martin.  She writes wonderful poetry
and her books are available for purchase.  
Check her other poetry websites if you have a chance:
Mississippi – This article is about a Kathy Martin who runs her own travel agency and takes her trips with 3
generations of females in her family...  period.  They go on their own, so they can do whatever they want!  Talk
about liberated!  You go girl!
Oregon – This Kathy Martin is a member of the Pacific Northwest Chapter of the Medical Library Association.  
This link is to a spotlight interview with a few of the associates, including her.
Texas – Dr. Kathy Martin is Assistant Professor in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the
University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio, TX.  This school was one of my niece’s rival teams while she
was playing fast pitch softball for San Angelo State in college, so I attended one of the games at this school.  
I can’t get over what a small world this is! http://www.uiw.edu/pharmacy/facstaff.html
Massachusetts – This Kathy Martin is a published writer with Interlink Publishing.
Dudley Hill - lead guitar, LP Cover design by
Kathy Martin -- http://www.voyagerrecords.com/LN317.htm
Michigan – This Kathy Martin is an actress, and is credited as Chorus Woman 3 in Gross Point’s
production of Show Boat! (Although this picture from the website address looks a little like Lion in
Winter to me!!)  :)    Still, it's THE THEATRE!   http://www.gpt.org/SHOWBOAT.html
So that's 65  and counting....
Washington – County Clerk Kathy Martin lives in Walla Walla, Wasington State, and was host to the
96th Annual County Clerks Conference.
Georgia – This Kathy Martin has a boathouse, is a retired banker, and loves to cook for her family.  
Arkansas – This Kathy Martin is an artist involved in a $15,000 mural project for the people of Forrest City, Arkansas.  
http://www.thnews.com/archive/ar2003/june/top6-11.html  or  http://www.thnews.com/archive/ar2003/april/top4-9.html
Washington – This Kathy Martin is an Art Teacher at the Fern Hill Elementary
School in Tacoma, Washington.  
Canada - Here’s another author...  This Kathy Martin has co-written a book with Lily Erlic entitled
“SEASONS” in a Read-to-Me-Rhymes series for 3-6 year olds.
Illinois - This Kathy Martin is an English teacher at St. Bede Academy in Peru, IL, and lists her assignments,
which look like reading acts of plays, on the web for her students.  Pretty interesting...  I wish I had that kind of
resource when I was in school a millennium ago!
Canada - More reader than anything I guess, this Kathy Martin compiled a list in 1997 of “Cinderella”
links.  Kinda interesting, and I’m guessing from the address she was at the University of Calgary.  
Colorado -- Congratulations are in order to Kathy Martin, Superintendent of  the Louisville Recreation and Senior Services
Department, for outstanding performance in achieving the highest award available in recreation and leisure programs for a
community in 2003 by the Colorado State Parks & Recreation Association.  
West Virginia – Here’s another Kathy L. Martin, but this Kathy is a real estate broker in
Morgantown, WV, who’s business – KLM Properties – is licensed in WV and PA.
Illinois – This is Bruce and Kathy Martin, motivational speakers out of Prospect Heights,
IL, who specialize in Adventure Training, conducting workshops in organizational learning.
Wisconsin – From Rhinelander, WI, this Kathy Martin lost her husband, Stephen, recently
in Iraq.  We grieve with her, and wish her and her family the very best.
Connecticut – Another much brainier Kathy in the mix, Kathy Martin-Troy is on the Biomolecular
Sciences faculty at Central Connecticut State University.  She teaches several courses that, quite
frankly are so far over my head, I can’t hope to explain... most of them have Biomolecular in the titles,
tho’.  :)  http://www.ccsu.edu/technology/davis/bms/Faculty/kathyresearch.htm
California - Mrs. Kathy Martin was named outstanding Teacher of the Year for 2002-2003 for Lake
Forest Elementary School in the Saddleback Valley Unified School District in Mission Viejo, CA.
California – This Kathy Martin has an acting credit in the film “The Last of the Secret Agents?” from 1966,
(which starred Marty Allen and Nancy Sinatra) and also in THE “Cleopatra” from 1963 with Elizabeth Taylor.  I’
m trying to find some other info on her, but in the meantime, here’s the page I found a listing for a
Maryland – There is a Kathy Martin who is an artist working with Rubber Chicken Stamp Art out of
Gaithersburg, MD.  Check out their website:  
And a really neat side item to this:  The Rubber Chicken Stamp Art shop also helps a local Women &
Children’s shelter.  They have a link on their Home site that you can visit on the link.  Pretty cool!
Montana – A little education never hurts us!  Kathy Martin explains about the Arrow-Leaf Balsamroot Plant.  
She’s a six-year member of the Montana Native Plant Society.
She was also the contact for National Wildflower Week in 2001:
New Mexico -- This Kathy Martin is a Program Specialist with the Bureau of Indian Affairs-Indian Police Academy.
New Jersey – A hero in NJ!  Kathy Martin became the Hope for a child, her family, and their community,
and won recognition for her efforts, winning a Daily Point of Light Award.
Ireland to Zimbabwe – I’m making an exception on this one.  I realize this Kathy Martin is not from the US,
but I came across her story and just had to list her.  She is a courageous nurse who has dedicated her life to
helping the people in Zimbabwe.  Check out this link and read of the trials and tribulations of her family and
the sacrifices she’s made for 44 years to do what she’s felt was right.  We wish you well, Kathy!
Poets!!!  So many Kathy Martins are poets!!!!  Check out this link to find various Kathleen Martin’s
(including me!) who have entered their poetry in a National Contest!
New York -- The Department Administrator for Department of Neurobiology and Anatomy of the
University of Rochester Medical Center is Dr.
Kathy Martin-Smith.
Oregon -- “Clackamas County – Our Legacy to Cherish” “Summer” panel 3 of 4, by artist Kathy Martin,
50”x 50”, Fiber, acrylic paint, and decorative thred. Original is on display at the Sunnybrook Service
Center in Clackamas. Photo: Bill Bachhuber
Louisiana – This Kathy Martin plays sax in a band named Neon Blues in Acadiana, Louisiana.  
Check out this link:  http://vermilion.louisiana.edu/issues/20050112/Toute003.htm
Alabama – Professional musician/Professional artist -  Kathy Martin, plays sax in Mobile, AL and
sells her art through Ebay.  Wow!  Just how many saxophone players named Kathy Martin ARE there
out there?  http://www.ebsqart.com/Artists/cmd_5341_profile.htm
Washington – Found this link when browsing... don’t know what this Kathy Martin might
do for a living, but she likes Phantom of the Opera, so she’s ok in my book!  ;)
Canada – This Kathy Martin is a Senior Research Scientist with the Canadian
Wildlife Service and a Professor in Forestry at the University of British Columbia,
where she teaches conservation biology.
Colorado - Can't tell if this is a true Kathy Martin, but this Kathy is marrying Martin so for
all intents and purposes -- and because she seems cool to me :) -- it counts here!
From what I can tell, a radio DJ, founder of something called Skip Pop Scratch -- which
right there sounds interesting to me!  
Kansas - This Kathy Martin is the Giving Tree Pre-School contact for the First Christian
Church of Lawrence, Kansas.
Florida – Out of Tallahassee, Florida, this Kathy Martin is the Children’s
Worship Director of the Forest Heights Baptist Church, who leads the kids,
kindergarten through 6th grade, in worship, praise music and crafts.  
Virginia – On the staff of the Cave Spring Baptist Church, this Kathy Martin is the Financial Secretary in
Roanoke, Virginia.
Pennsylvania -- Kathy Martin Photography specializes in an unobtrusive
documentation of your wedding day
Pennsylvania - This Kathy Martin has a son who was ordained into the priesthood
in May of 2003.  
We are at 65 and counting....
New York - Kathy Martin, 2nd and 3rd grade music teacher, elementary band teacher, and
teaches woodwind, grades 4-12 in Ellicottville, NY.
Tenessee - This Kathy Martin is the Children’s Ministry Director of the Higher Ground
Baptist Church in Kingsport, TN.
Illinois - Another Kathy Martin who is a Drama and Speech teacher... she
contacted me after finding this site... I was so excited to hear from another
Kathy Martin!  Here's what she said in her email, and she included a link to
her website!!  Welcome to the ranks, KM! :) :) :)
Hi!! I just saw your web site and thought I'd introduce myself. I'm Kathy Martin, too! I teach Drama and
Speech at Washington Middle School in Aurora, IL. Here's my teaching page:

I saw your Kathy Martins page and thought I should send myself in!! It's a hoot! :)
Have a fantastic day!! -Kathy
New York - Kathy Martin got in touch with me (this page
really works!!!!) -- her email is below as well as a link to
her website.  Check her out!!
...my professional name is "Kathleen Martin" and I was known as "Kathy Martin" in high school.  (My parents chose to call me by my middle name, for some
mysterious reason.)  You might be pleased to know that I am also a singer (classical) and I live in New York, NY (Manhattan). My original training and
background were as a pianist, and I did work professionally in New York as a pianist for some time.  Now I play organ (in a church), direct a choir, and lead
the singing; and I teach piano and voice privately in my studio.  I am also pursuing a new career as an opera singer.

I have a website, and my company is now called "Kathleen Martin Music" (the website being "
kathleenmartinmusic.com").  But I only recently changed the
name - so if you see a reference to "Brava Music Consulting" (or "bravamusicconsulting.com") that is the right one.  But don't be surprised if you see some
mixed references to the company name.  I am currently in the process of revising the text of the site to reflect the name change and a few other revision.,
which I expect to take the next couple of days or so to finish.

I know of at least two other Kathleen Martins in Manhattan, one of whom used to live only a block from me and get calls intended for me!  I don't know if they
are musicians (probably not), but there is another Kathleen Martin in Laguna Niguel, California, who is a voice teacher and was retired from a singing career
in Europe (Website called "Voice Classics Studio").  I keep getting her website when I google my new website name.  (Unfortunately, but not permanently, I

Maybe we could have a "Kathy Martin (or Kathleen Martin) Convention" some time!  That could be fun, and it might get some publicity

Thanks for what you've done.

Kathleen Martin
New York, New York
Not sure if this is the same Kathy Martin shown above but got this email from Kathleen from California... I'm
going to count her too!!
Hi Kathy!
I'm the Kathleen Martin at
voiceclassicsstudio.com in Laguna Niguel, CA. I am a former opera singer who
performed for over 20 years in Europe and now teaches in California. It looks as though there are quite a
few of us who are singers or artists of some kind. Sorry to hear that one of the other Kathy's continues to
get my site when trying to reach her own! All the best to you and the rest of our namesake's.