and Music Parlour
Tullahoma Songwriter's Circle
This was our Promise!
supported and promoted
local songwriters
in their songwriting endeavors.  
If you were writing, we were listeniing!!
Please patronize The Celtic Cup.  They have
scrumptious soups and sandwiches, delectable deserts,
and lots of libations to quench your particular thirst!  
They allowed us to hold our Circles
at their establishment,
and we will be forever grateful!  
So please visit them often!
A circle, defined, is never ending
As hands on the face of a clock, ticking strong
And words can take on different meanings
It's how you interpret the song
And so when our circle gathers
This place where we all can belong
We can learn and nurture and know each other
As we grow our circle of songs
So let the music move your soul
As we let the lyrics flow
and let us make it very clear
you're always welcome 'round here!
The Tullahoma Songwriter's Circle was started by Sherry Lawson and Kathy Martin, two singer/songwriters who were
living in Tullahoma and felt there was a need for a better outlet for songwriters -- one that would give them a chance to try
out their material and perform their songs in public.  So they approached the management at Sweet Aroma Cafe,
and the rest, as they say, was history.  Inception began December 6th, 2006.  
Over the years, our base venue became The Celtic Cup Coffee House.  
We proudly supported local songwriters and urged all in the area to cheerfully and
enthusiastically do the same.  It was an eight year fun run!
Check out some of our good times!
Sherry Lawson
It was my joy and my privilege
to begin the Circles in
Tullahoma.  Eight years of
great music, good friends, lots
of laughs , fun and frivolity!
TSC News...

  • THANKS FOR 8 GREAT YEARS!  I will be leaving Tullahoma in early August, 2014, and moving to Cedar Park,
    Texas, just outside of Austin.  I've enjoyed meeting and performing with all the talented songwriters who joined
    our ranks.  I hope we were helpful to you in some way.  Keep writing, Keep playing.  I'll be keeping this website in
    tact in case any of you want to reminisce.  Hope you'll stay in touch!  Love is Friendship, Found.  Kathy
  • Hello, members.  You may have heard rumors, but this is my official notice.  I will be moving to the Austin, TX area in early August... moving in with my sister.  So I will be
    disbanding The Tullahoma Songwriters Circle.  We've had almost eight great years, and I appreciate the support for all the local songwriters.  I hope you'll continue to
    support each other.  I will keep the page in its present format on my website through the end of the year, in case you'd like to contact each other.  I especially want to thank
    James Bell, Marilyn Harris, Shawn Smith and Larry Zagranis for everything!  I could never have made this thing last this long without them!!  I'm also so grateful to Chris &
    Denise at The Celtic Cup in Tullahoma and Mark & Cindy at The Family Music Center in Manchester for allowing us to perform at their establishments these last few years.  
    I can't say thank you enough.
  • Our last three Circles will be at The Celtic Cup, 6-9pm, on the following dates:  MAY:    Friday, May 16th;  JUNE:    Friday, June, 13th;  JULY:    Friday, July, 11th
  • It's been such an honor to meet all of you and get to share your talents.  Hopefully the Circle was helpful to you or at least enjoyable.  And I hope you can make one of
    these final Circles.  I'd love to say goodbye...  But if not, my best wishes for your future musical endeavors!  Sincerely yours,  Kathy Martin, Co-Founder, Tullahoma
    Songwriters Circle.

  • -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  • Our night at The Celtic Cup was aphrodisiastic!  Yeah, so, I made up my own word to describe our Valentines night show!  Seven songwriters and some fantastic fans!    Thanks to all!!
  • ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Marilyn and I went to FMC's new songwriters night...WOW!  Nine, count 'em 9 songwriters appeared that night.  Great music and lots o' fun!  I'm thankful to Mark and Cindy for keeping the songwriters
    night going!  We will visit as often as we can!
  • ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Thanks to all who came out to support us at The Smokehouse... we had a great time!  And many thanks to Travis and the rest of the staff at The Smokehouse for making us feel so welcome. :)
  • --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Marilyn, Shawn and I will be performing as The Hormonal Honies at the Smokehouse in  Mount  Eagle on Saturday, January 18th, 2014.  We start at 9pm.  We'd love to see you there.
  • ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • -We had a great night at Celtic Cup!  Thanks to Marilyn, Shawn, Larry & Dave for joining me.  And many thanks to everyone who came out to listen.  Lots O' Fun!!!
  • ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • This month marks 7 years for the TSC!  We are still here for any songwriters wanting a forum for their talents!  Hope you will join us for our celebration this month at The Celtic Cup Circle.  Great
    music, Trivia and prizes, and as always, the wonderful food and drinks available at The Cup!  Let's have some fun!!  Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year to all!
  • -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • We've been having great nights at The Celtic Cup, with our regulars and some brand new talents... lots of fun!1  And Mark Irish hasbeen hosting the night at The Family Music Center.  We are coming
    up on our 7th Anniversary in December... hope you'll celebrate with us!
  • ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Our night at Celtic Cup was a blast!  7 songwriters and a nice crowd -- we had us some fun!  As always, thanks to Chris and Denise, our most generous hosts!!! :)
  • ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • The Circle at the FMC was a guys night!  Thanks to Dave, Bob and Jeff and of course Mark & Cindy for hosting!  A great night of music!
  • --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  
  • After talking with Mark and Cindy at Family Music Center, they will continue to hold the Circle on the 1st Friday of every month for those of you who would like to take advantage and perform your songs
    on this wonderful stage set-up.  I will re-evaluate what I can physically handle after the summer heat has died down.... :)  So, tho' I won't be there to be your host, Mark and Cindy will be!  So the
    Songwriter Circle WILL continue! :) :) :)  Hope you will support it!
  • I will still be host at The Celtic Cup here in Tullahoma on the second Friday of the month... not such a long drive for me after 3 hrs of playing... :) :) :)  
  • ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • I am cancelling our Circle in July at Family Music Center.  I am having some health issues with the summer weather, and cannot do the 3 hours with little or no help anymore.  My heartfelt thanks go to
    Marilyn, Dave, Bob, Larry and   Mark and Cindy, who have made the effort to make it work.  I truly appreciate it.  I will make a decision on future Circles at FMC once I've been able to talk to Mark.
  • ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • We're NOT playing Family Music Center on Fri, June 7th, but WILL be there for FAMJAM on Sun, June 9th, 1:15 to 2:15pm.  AND Chris at Celtic Cup has told us we're back on in June, so hope to see
    you at The Cup on Friday, June 14th, 6 to 9pm.
  • June. 2013 - We'll only have 1 Circle in the month of June... at The Family Music Center.  The Cup has an out-of-town act coming in on the 2nd Friday.  We will also play at FamJam at the outside stage
    at FMC.  We're scheduled at 1:15 to 2:15pm on Sunday, June 9th.  Hope to see you there!
  • 5/10/13 - We had a wonderful night at The Celtic Cup!  Thanks to Shawn, Bobby, Jeff and DEVINN! :)  Also had a cameo appearance :) from Kelly -- SO much talent in Tullahoma!  Thanks of course to
    Chris and Denise for hosting us!  We had a great time!!!
  • ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • 05/03/13 - Family Music Center was... just us!  Thanks to Marilyn, Dave and Larry for coming in to perform.  We did have a fun night amongst ourselves...we pulled out a lot of the "old" material!!  Lots of
    laughs!!!  Thanks as well to Mark for letting us play!
  • Coming Up - in June, the TSC has been invited to perform at FAMJAM 2013.  We'll be there at 1:15 to 2:15pm on Sunday, June 9th.  If you would like to play in the hour-long Circle that day -- please
    contact me and let me know so I can plan for how many set ups we will need.  Otherwise, checkout the info and lineup for FAMJAM '13 -- LOTS of great music for FREE!!!!!!  
  • ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • March and April 2013 -- We had fun at all 4 Circles during the 2 months the website was down... :)  Lots of good music and great audiences! :) :) :)  Thanks so much to Mark and Cindy at Family Music
    Center and to Chris and Denise at Celtic Cup for hosting us.  We really appreciate it!!  Looking forward to continuing our Circles.  Remember --- we're here for YOU!  Come on out and share your talent!
  • Thanks to Shawn Smith for sharing her talents with the Nashville Songwriters that came to Tullahoma in April at the Computer Cafe!  Great Job!!!!
  • Next Circle:  Family Music Center on Friday, May 3rd.  See you there!
  • ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • 02/09/13 - I had the distinct pleasure to share a stage with three successful songwriters from Nashville at a concert at the Computer Cafe on Saturday.  The did a round-robin show as we do at the
    Circle, and invited me up to play a song.  Many thanks to Kim Parent, Tim Buppert and Steve Dorff for allowing me the privilege!!  It's amazing to meet the songwriters whose songs you've been singing
    your whole life!!! (Steve!! :))  I was truly honored....
  • 02/08/13 - We had so much fun at the Celtic Cup!  Marilyn, Shawn, Will and Bobby East joined me in the Circle.  You know it's gone really well when we have to be reminded that it's 9:00! :)  Thanks to
    all who were there, especially Chris and Denise for their unfailing hospitality!!
  • ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • 02/01/13 - Family Music Center Circle night was outstanding!  We got to meet a new songwriter, Will (which we hope we'll start seeing a lot more of! :)), and got to hear some songs from Kaitlyn, Larry
    and James' find.  Very talented young lady!  Thanks to Marilyn and Shawn and, of course, our generous host, Mark!  FMC Rocks!!!!!
  • ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • January, 2013 - So many people out sick -- my turn was the Circle at Family Music Center.  I couldn't attend, but Shawn and Marilyn carried on and had a very nice night. :)
  • The Celtic Cup Circle was a lot of fun; Marilyn, myself and Katie O'Grady carried the show.  We had a lot of fun!  
  • I was interviewed on WFMCJams. com radio show on Tuesday, Jan. 22nd.  Thanks to Mark & Cindy, James, Jason and Brian.  I had a blast!
  • ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
TSC Press...
Click on the thumbnails below to enlarge the photos.  Some of our first press!
This was our first ad in print!  It was in Tullahoma's
Monday Market for the week of December 6th.
Article in The Saturday Independent out of
Manchester, TN, dated December 9, 2006...
Article in The Tullahoma News, LifeStyles
section, dated December 15, 2006...
TSC Member Links
Richard Cathey
Richard has some lyrics... he'd like to see if anyone
would be interested in putting some music to
them....  click on the thumbnail to view, and contact
Richard directly if you have any interest.
Zach Kerber
email:  tba
Sid Ledbetter
Nicola Matty
Poet/Clarinet (B flat)
David Morrison
Alan F. Roberts
Classic Guitar and Writer
Glen Simmons
931-455-5269  or 581-2430
Andrew Wimsatt
Mike Zuccaro
Singer/Songwriter (just starting...)
Other Helpful Links/Phone #s/
Information for TSC Members
A free on-line rhyming dictionary:
A free on-line thesarus:
KK's Music - Tullahoma:  931-455-2255
Monday Market:  931-455-8584
Channel 6:  931-393-0081
The Do's & Don'ts of Music Row by Liz Hengber... this is a picture of the
cover of a book one of our members recommends as having helpful info.
K. Martin & S. Lawson©2007
Circle of Songs
Daryl Speights
"Pseudo" singer/songwriter/guitarist
email:  N/A
Mark Woodard
email:  N/A
Phone: N/A
Kevin Winch
Ad in the Monday Market for the week of
March 5th, 2007 for Sweet Aroma,
mentioning the Songwriter's Circle.
If you're looking for a great place to get your
demo recording done, Azalea has great rates
and a wonderful staff!  Check out their
website and give 'em a call!
Nancy Moran
Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist/Music Biz Help
Web Site:
(The copyright office at the Library of Congress)
Teresa Lockhart
Flip-ad that ran on
local Channel 6...
Michael Nelson
Songwriter/Sound Engineer, Guitar, Bass, Percussion/Drums
615-584-5840 (mobile)
Sherry and I had a very nice time at
Meyers Pond
a family owned catch-and-release pond
Saturday, May 5th  
Here's their website for more details about their place:
or click on the thumbnails to see their flier
They have graciously offered to add our website link to their website, so we can only do the same!
If you fish -- check 'em out! :)
Aaron Cox
Singer/Songwriter/Instrumentation/You Name It
Sherry, James Bell and I have done a "Thunder" radio promotional jingle for Scott and Tiffany for WMSR
1320 AM, and they've asked us to help with a couple more.  This is all to promote the Circle and to get the
word out to more songwriters that we're at Sweet Aroma every week and hoping they'll pass the word
along!  Hope you'll listen!  Click on the logo to go to the radio station's streaming on-line link!  And if
anyone hears us -- LET US KNOW.  We'd like to see if it's working....  =\
Hailey Grace Roy
Fan/Future Songwriter
TSC Goes Green!  Regarding
the rally held June 9, 2007...
Lee Lancaster
email:  tba
John Richardson
723-4777   cell:  952-1280
Check out the Code Of Conduct for
Songwriters by Nancy Moran:
Flip-ad.... (07/07)
Elliott Pacetti
Everett Brown
Wally Freeborn
Larry Whinnery
Lawren Lelko
Congratulations to David and Vickie - who were married on February 23rd, 2008 in
New Mexico!  Maybe we'll see you again on your way through TN.  Best Wishes!!!
Flip-ad... (09/07)
Sherry and I also did the Old Timers Day gig for WMSR on Sept. 29th, 2007.  It was HOT! :)  So we're
hoping we are getting the word out - at least locally - that the TSC is here to stay! :)
Flip-ad... (11/07)
The Songwriter's Resource Network - a news and education resource
for aspiring songwriters working on their craft.
Yes, this is THE Bluebird Cafe, the one you've seen in the
movies and heard about!  :)
Friends of the Circle
This space is for any one who supports the Tullahoma Songwriter's Circle, and who would like to
post their information for the membership, their friends and fans.
Phillip Chessor
cell# 581-4720
This is The Folk Club of Reston-Herndon Virginia, to which I belonged for years.   
Though I don't know if I'll ever get back there to perform on their stage, I still hope I
will...  their acceptance of me is what got me back into writing... so I'm ever so
grateful to them and the membership!

If you are ever in the Washington DC/Virginia area on a Tuesday evening, you
should check them out!  
Sherry and I were kindly invited to play at the Bell Buckle Cafe and we enjoyed it very much.  We
encourage our songwriters to venture out and try their chops there as well!  And the invitation is open
to any of the Bell Buckle songwriters to please be our guest at Sweet Aroma and come share your
talents here as well.  Spread the wealth, I say!!  :) :)  Best way to get your material heard by different
people, and you just never know who will be there when! :)
8 great years!  What a ride!
Gene Cuthbert
Another local live music venue that has an open mic type set up on Saturday nights in Belvidere,
TN.  They were very gracious hosts to me when I went to visit, and they've popped in on us as well at
Sweet Aroma... Friends of the Circle, the Market is a unique and wonderfully inviting place to play!
Julie Taylor
Jim Messerli
Earth Day Celebration
April 19, 2008
This is a very cool site -- they are a not for profit songwriter's camp based in California.  For any of
you who might be vacationing in that area, or just maybe want to travel out for some adventures in
songwriting... you might want to check this out! :)
Now on 105.5 FM in the mornings -- LIVE in Tullahoma at the Northgate Shopping Center!  They have a beautiful new set up right in the mall!
See Scott & Tiff do New & Views!
Pay them a visit, and tell them THE CIRCLE SENT YOU!
The Tennessee Fiddle Orchestra is actively recuriting all who are interested,
and after attending their First Season Spring Concert, if you have the time and
the inkling -- you'd be nutz not to participate!  It was heart-warming to hear the
range and extent of the talent that Jim and Inge have gathered here!  Do yourself
a favor and visit this website to see for yourself!
Sherry's long awaited
2nd CD is available at
CD Baby... you can click
on the links above to
listen and order your
very own copy!
Get your music played!  A format
similar to MySpace - make friends in
the biz... very cool site!!  Check it out!!
Look what I found while surfing the web!  
Check out the site for the latest info!
Friend of the Circle, Bobby Holt, told us about this songwriting contest last year.  
Here's where you can check it out for this year..... and see the great article they sent
me by email (
click on the thumbnails).
Spectrum Audio is one of the Internet's leading pro audio equipment retailers. Offering
everything from professional audio equipment, recording gear, computer software for music,
musical instruments and supplies, is a one-stop shop for gear!
Marilyn Harris
One more place for connecting....
Our good friends, David and Glenda Clark,
and their activities.... :)
Anthony Durante
PHOTOS from Previous Events
Click on the title to listen to MP3 file of song.

1. With Me
2. For A Dancer
3. Oh!
4. I Want You (Say You'll Be Mine)
5. Sideline
6. Someday
7. Another Man
8. Ballerina
9. Gratitude Song
10. More Than a Dream
11. Vortex
12. I Still Love You

All songs written by Anthony Durante, Copyright©2008
Recorded at Calvery Recording Studio, Tullahoma, TN
Contact Tony:
Sheila Shavers
Gary Crowell
Rythm Guitar/Singer/Bass
Call Gary Crowell at
FYI ---  05/01/13 --  Sherry Lawson,
co-founder of the TSC, has officially
moved out of the area to Kansas City!  
Sherry has decided to move to be close
to her grandchildren.  We wish her all the
best!   Keep in touch, Sherry!   :)  Kathy
A nod to the TSC in the Opinion Page of the
Tullahoma News and Guardian, May 13, 2009
Click on this logo link to read the TSC News Archives for
comments from 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011.
Click on this logo link to read the TSC News Archives for
comments from 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011.
John Michael Cimino-Hurt
931-598-9605;  cell# 703-801-4754
James Bell
James is moving on to bigger and
better things!  Spending lots of
time in Nashville now, he's
bowing out as co-host for the
Circles.  (Thanks James -
I'll miss you!)
Check out his Facebook or
MySpace pages for more details
and to listen to some of his great
Jim Sartain
Some Sweet Aroma Moments...
TSC at the Celtic Cup
Shawn, Kathy and James
Marilyn, Kathy, James and Eric
Sein, Shawn, James and Kathy
James and Kathy
Sheila, Peter and Orland
Orland Esch
Indian Flute player (sorry - didn't get his name)
Sherry, Aaron, and our most loyal fans :)
Lawrence Zagranis
Singer/Songwriter/Life-Saver-with-a-sound system! :)
Feature article in the
Tullahoma News
Bard Fisher
Jerry Woodward
New Songwriter/Guitarist Extraordinaries
Phone:  931-684-7013
Trapper Haskins
Tommy Yealock
Marilyn is one of our most prolific
songwriters and has really "found
her voice" since she's been with
us.  Our greatest supporter and
best advertisement, I couldn't have
done it without her.
The COOLEST place that
Tullahoma has to offer!!!  Do
yourselves a favor and if you
haven't stopped in to
The Cup yet... GO!!  Chris and
Denise are your perfect hosts
and they run a fun, first-rate
establishment!!!  :):):)
"So many friends we have made our way on
down the road; we hold them in our hearts, and
we never feel alone....
Mind the Memories, Keep them Safe and
Sound, until we chance to meet again....

Love is Friendship, Found!"
Tater Box Collage Thumbnail (click)
Celtic Cup Collage Thumbnail (click)
First Circle at Viola w/ Trapper, James, Shawn
and Kathy (click)
It's finally here! :)  Sheila has completed her
long awaited CD!  It's available for sale at the
New Covenant Christian Bookstore.  Email
Sheila for details!  
K. Martin©2004
Emily Roberts
Some moments from the 4th Anniversary Bash at THE BREW
Audrey and James
Bard and Marilyn
Happy 4th Year Together to the TSC!
Emily - one of our most recent members...
James, Shawn and Marilyn
James started things for us... (Sein is in the
Me and our newest member, Devlin
Rebecca got the coolest DOG!  We think she
REALLY got it for James in honor of his dog
bite song....  :) :) :)
It was this guy's first time performing at The
Circle - and he was great! ;
Lots o' Listeners!  :)  My Dad and our friend
Betty, and Sheila Shavers is standing there
too.  Don't forget to check out her new CD!!!
Early in the evening... my friends Joe & Ann
came to see us --- and you can see Maryilyn
and Sheila looking on.....
Charlotte and Devlin, with Sein listening in...
Devlin's first Circle!  See Will watching from
the couch and our loyal "fans" too! :) :) :)
Kathy and Shawn -- Christmas
at Celtic Cup!
Andrew Burks / The Drew Burks Project
Devinn Raye
Steve Bryant
Article on THE BREW,
mentioning TSC and
Tullahoma News,
Pictures from a night at the Parkway Cafe
Pictured are TSC
members Maryilyn,
Devinn, Shawn and Kathy.
Hippie Jacks trip -- Audrey;
Shawn; Kathy; Audrey,
Billie and Reta; Sein; and
Kati O'Grady
Singer/Songwriter/Guitar/Banjo/Radio Commercials
The Family Music Center has taken over the first (1st) FRIDAY evening of
every month, 6 to 9pm.   Mark and Cindy Irish are your hosts.  
We appreciate them being our venue for such a long time,
and wish them luck with their new songwriters night!
1740 Hillsboro Blvd.
Manchester, TN  37355
I thought this was a totally cool
picture of James!
Mary Howell
Singer/Guitarist/Budding Songwriter
Article on "The Brew After Hours" - cable TV
show featuring TSC member James Bell.
Tullahoma News (03/06/11)
Note:  Could not get this any
clearer :(  Caption on picture
reads:  The Brew in Manchester is
just one of many local spots that
offer live entertainment from local
musicians.  James Bell and
Rebecca Magierski will host
Brew's Alley After Hours, where
live performances will be taped
and then aired on local stations.
TSC at The Family Music Center
Kathy and Sherry
Papa Mike and Trapper
Trapper, playing amid local
artwork on display at The Cup
Marilyn singing at FMC
on TSC's first Friday.
This was the first time this young man ever
played in public!  We hope he'll come back
and do it again!!!
Who knew?  Shawn teaches
guitar, and now steps in as
We had a wonderful crown at our first night at
Article on James Bell, TSC charter member
and host.  
Tullahoma News (03/20/11)
Chuck Baker
Randy Howard
Note:  This article
is on 2 pages
because it was
too big for my
scanner, so I had
to split it.  :)
December 2011 - Pictures from our 5th Anniversary Celebrations

Family Music Center

Celtic Cup

Shawn, Kathy
& Marilyn
Larry, Kathy
& Shawn
Charlotte &
Sein and Joey
Larry & Sherry
James &
James & Sherry
Marilyn &
Shawn & Larry
Larry, Kathy
& Shawn
James & Trish
The Crew :)  for the
"regulars" to celebrate
Christmas & Our 5th
Shawn Smith
Shawn is a talented singer/songwriter/ guitar
player who  co-hosted the Circles with me
and took up the slack when I needed it most.
We wouldn't have made it to 8 years without
her.  I'll miss singing those harmonies!
A TSC mention in the
Tullahoma News
April 8, 2012
Guitars and Instruments
Custom Luthier of the Guitar, Mandolin,
Violin, Cello, Double Bass
David Miller
199 Parker Sain Road
Bell Buckle, TN  37020
Shawn, Kathy and Dave
TSC at Old Tyme Viola Country Cafe
TSC - James, Dave,
Kathy, Larry & Shawn
James and Dave
Sein and Shawn
Larry and Shawn
Sein and Kathy
Bobby East
Singer, Songwriter with a Sound Studio!
Cell 931-581-2035 -- The Family Music Center has launched  its
own internet radio site!  Listen to great local music, including
music from many of our members!!!  
Click on the link below.
Marilyn Harris
Katie Blanchard  
Bob DeYoung
Herb Bushnell
Marsha Camahan

The Celtic Cup Coffee House
106 North Anderson St.
Tullahoma, TN 37388

Scroll down to
find a Tribute to
our Audrey Brown.
Audrey Brown
We couldn't have done it without Miss Audrey.  Our
most "staunch character" of a wonderful friend!
We lost her in October 2016, and we will miss her
always!  Here are the lyrics of the song she wrote
with a little help from Shawn and from me.
Simpler Time
A. Brown/S. Smith/K. Martin@2009

I long for a simpler time
When things long gone by
Return to people's state of mind
I long for a simpler time
Everyone is running 'round
Passing themselves all over town
All trying to find the time
To gain back a little peace of mind
I've gotta go, I've need to get ahead
Three mortgages, I've got no time for bed
Friends and family think I'm all but dead
Always working for the place to lay my head
I long for a simpler time  (Chorus)
Always rushing, trying to keep my head
Never seem to get ahead
Bills to pay, too many mouths to feed
Occasionally I would like to stay in bed
I bought into the American Dream
Now I must work all the time, it seems
Never time to sit and just relax
Creditors are always on my back
So I long for a simpler time...
I long for a simpler time
When things long gone by
Return to people's state of mind
I long for a simpler time