Elizabeth (Betty) Ann Martin
Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Sister, Friend
In Loving Memory

September 18, 1933
July 11, 2010
Mother, May I

A benevolent protagonist
In a story of sacrifice
You intimately identify
With never-ending compromise
You believe what you believe
And you don’t apologize
Mother, may I
Tell you why I
Love the gift of you

You’re tough and you’re tender
Never idle or lazy
And like every good Mom
You worry like crazy
You’ve earned my respect
Though you don’t expect it
You give me all you’ve got
And I know you don’t regret it
Mother, may I
Tell you why I
Love the gift of you

And you know what it really takes
to make it through the day
You walk a path of faith,
kindly show us all the way
In the simple act of caring,
no matter come what may…

You’re stronger than you think
And wiser through the years
No one gets the satisfaction
Of seeing you in tears
You’re proud and you’re beautiful
Without putting on an act
And when I ask, you tell me true
‘Cause you’ve been there and back
Mother, may I
Tell you why I
Love the gift of you

You’re stronger than you think
And much braver than you show
And I love you, Mom, so very much
I just wanted you to know

Kathy Martin©2003
SONGBIRD (in Eva Cassidy style)
By Christine McVie   (with poetic license…)

For you, I’ll try to stop my crying
For you, the sun will be shining
So I feel you will be with me…
and it’s alright, it will be alright…
And your songbird will keep singing
Like she knows the score
And I love you, I love you, I love you
As ever before

To you I owe my whole world
To you there’s nothing I’ve left unsaid
So I feel that you are with me  
And I’m alright, I’m going to be alright
And your songbird will keep singing
Like she knows the score
And I love you, I love you, I love you
Like never before; Like never before;
Like never before; Like never before….
Check back, as I am trying to add to this page as I find more pictures...  My mom had a fascinating life - lots of friends
- and a wonderful family!  I want to try to depict all of that here on this tribute page... and if I can get the techies to
help me... I'll try to get sound bytes of the songs on here too....
Elizabeth Ann Martin
(September 18, 1933 - July 11, 2010)

Elizabeth Ann Martin, age 76, of Tullahoma died Sunday, July 11,
2010 at her residence. A native of Bayonne, New Jersey, she was the
daughter of the late Hugo August Toepfer and Emily Gertrude Farrell
Toepfer. She was also preceded in death by her sisters, Edna
McGreavey and Marie Eileen Sangi. She was married to Vince Martin
of Tullahoma who survives. She was a member of St. Paul the Apostle
Catholic Church in Tullahoma. She formerly worked as an adjuster at
Woodward and Lothrop Dept. Store in Washington, D.C. and was a
member of the Southern Tennessee Ladies Society and was formerly a
member of the A.E.D.C. Womens Club. She was an Air Force wife,
and traveled extensively with her husband during his military career
including Okinawa, Japan and Bangkok, Thailand.
Funeral services were held at 11:00 a.m. Thursday, July 15, 2010 at
the St. Paul Catholic Church with Father Stephen Klasek officiating.
Burial followed at Rose Hill Memorial Gardens. Visitation with the
family was Wednesday from 5:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. at the funeral

In addition to her husband, she is survived by two sons, Vinny (his
wife, Lise) Martin of North Smithfield, Rhode Island, and Billy (his
wife, Joy) Martin of Ranson, West Virginia, two daughters, Kathy
Martin of Tullahoma and Marie (her husband, Rick) Fofi of Austin,
TX, a sister, Emily Gladys Toepfer of Tullahoma, and eight
grandchildren, Dr. Stephanie Fofi, Nicholas Fofi, Zachary Martin,
Travis Martin, Taylor Allison Martin, Steven Nadeau, Heather
Nadeau, and Missy Jockell.

In lieu of flowers, memorial donations may be made to the American
Cancer Society.

Daves-Culbertson Funeral Home was in charge of arrangements.
In our shock and anguish at the loss of my mother,
I'm afraid we forgot to thank the most important
people of all ---- the staff of Hospice Compassus of
Tullahoma, who supported us and treated my mom
with such care, understanding and true compassion.  
We can't thank them enough.  They are still coming
through for us, checking in on us to make sure we
are all right...  We just can't say enough.  Anyone
wanting to help them help others, please contact
them at the links below.  And of course, we would
be gratefully touched if you gave in memory of Betty:

In Loving Memory of

September 18, 1933
July 11, 2010

Hail Mary, Full of Grace
The Lord is With You
Blessed are you among Women
And blessed is the fruit of your womb
Holy Mary, Mother of God
Pray for us sinners
Now, and at the hour of our death
You were stronger than you thought
And much braver than you showed
We love you so very much
And we want the world to know

From your loving family
My mom told me in the weeks before she passed, during a conversation about unanswered prayers, that when she was a little girl she used to pray
to God to please make her a singer... she wanted to sing more than anything... and she said - in her genuine way "I couldn't carry a tune in a
bucket"... so she always thought that God had never answered her prayers... "until He gave me you"....  

So I sang this song at my mother's funeral service - for my mom and for my family -
with the help of my friend, Shawn Smith...
Kathy Martin©2010

Zachary August
If you ever feel lonely or blue
Just remember to look to the night sky
And count all the stars
Shining down on you
They’re kisses from heaven
From your Grandma, 'cause she loves you

Taylor Allison
If ever you have a bad dream
Just look up into the night sky
And count all the stars
Shining down on you
They’re wishes from heaven
From your Grandma ‘cause she loves you
She wishes she could be there to hug you
and listen to all your fears
She wants you to know how much she misses you
And hopes you will remember her….

Nick and Stephanie
If your road of life takes a wrong turn
Just look up into the night sky
Find a guiding star
to lead you through
That's your Grandma, she still loves you...

Travis Allen
If you ever feel worried or alone
Just remember to look to the night sky
And count all the stars
Shining down on you
They’re her kisses from heaven
'Cause your Grandma loves you...

Zachary August –
Your Grandma loves you
Nick and Stephanie –
Your Grandma loves you
Travis Allen –
Your Grandma loves you
Taylor Allison –
Your Grandma loves you….
I wrote this song one night right before Taylor's 3rd birthday when I was thinking about how
unfair it felt that Mom wasn't going to be there to see it.... I just wanted to make sure all her
grandkids -- no matter how old they got -- would remember how much their grandmother loved
them all -- sooooo much!
We love and miss you, Mom!!!
Emily Gladys Toepfer
1918 - 2014
Rest in Peace, Aunt Gladys
My Godmother.
Gladys in her apartment in
Manasas, VA.  She made all the
clothes on the dolls behind her.
This was my maternal grandmother -
Emily Gertrude (Farrell) Toepfer
9/24/1893 - 7/21/1954
July 11, 2018  --  8
years since you've been
gone.  Seems like

We miss you so much!
Hope you and your
Mom and Dad and all
your sisters are having
coffee (or martinis) and
watching over us.  

Save us a seat at the
kitchen table!  :) :) :)
These are my paternal grandparents,
both gone now...  
Antonio and Julia Martin.  
They loved their place in the Catskills!
Joan and Bob Kochanski
My Aunt Joanie was my Dad's oldest
little sister.  I 'm pretty sure this is them
dancing at their 50th wedding
anniversary party.
They are dancing together again.... RIP
Anthony Martin, my Uncle Tony.  He
was my Dad's baby brother and my
Mom, I know you would be so proud of
Stefi & Keith, giving you Jake --
your lst great grandson!
September 18, 1933
Happy Birthday, Mom!
Kathy Martin©2017

When leaves on the trees turn colors and brown
Detach with the breeze and float to the ground
The bite of crisp air has me stop and recall
my vivid and most beloved memory of all…

That vibrant burnt orange was a favorite of yours
As was this season of leaf colors galore
The respite from summer as summer subsides
Refreshes my spirit while memories rise
Of You

I make every effort to never forget
The littlest things that you left me with
Like taking ahold of my hand in the car
Or knowing my Mom was the kindest by far…
That was You

This day would have been your 84th year
We cherish our memories of having you here
Your love and your laugh and your grace still abide
In her grandson, your daughter’s most precious

Happy Birthday to You, we continue to grow
Only because you were here, and we know
You gave us our strength and our will to survive
And as long as we always keep memories alive…
We will...

Because if not for You
We would not have these lives…

If not for You